Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Rat Scarecrow

We need Rat. I need rat. He’s devious, yes, but (more than that) we need to value him for his Cleverness.

Why do we need him (more than we've realized)? ...because 'Rat!' leaves the sinking ship…

and he survives. He survives anywhere and (every) where.

We treat him as though he's the plague (we needed that, too, by the way, but I’ll get to that, later). The Plague used him because of his cleverness; it attached itself to him.

He is, indeed, clever. It's one of the reasons we enlist him to sniff out landmines. In that respect, he’s a better companion to us than is Dog. We don't think otherwise about our canine friend, but our general perception is that we're using Rat, and not that He's actually giving himSelf to us in compassionate service. We think he does things for the treats we promise him (but only if he does it right). Those treats are his nourishment, in the same way that Love is Ours. On the flipside (and there’s always a flipside), we use him for cancer research. We inject him with our own pain.

And I’m here to apologize; most importantly, for not recognizing your gift of Love to us. You, also, have a heart. You were created from the same source...


My promise to you: should cancer inhabit my own (personal) body, I will keep it for myself… No drugs… because that is how much I Love you. I didn’t see that before.

On one of my first shamanic journeys, I failed to ask Wolf to come with me. In hindsight, it was the best thing, because I needed to teach mySelf. And, besides, Wolf eats Rat. In the past, they haven’t made for very good travelling companions (but I’ll get to that, too).

I’m sorry, Rat. I didn’t see the lesson until now. You flew me to the yellow planet and left me in the dark. I wondered, “What will happen next?” I could hear them laughing, up and behind me, doubled over, holding their (cancerous) bellies.

…Payback! …and it was DELICIOUS, wasn’t it? Hahahahaha!!! I can appreciate, now, how your Laughter sung Me.

I couldn’t have survived there, or gotten off by myself (…no, that wasn’t a metaphor, but enjoy it that way, anyway; consider it payback). Wolf had to come and get me. I’d never seen him mad before. He told me to Never go anywhere by myself again. He asked me how I got there, and I said Rat flew me, that I (thought/felt) that it would be OK. I just kinda shrugged and acted dumb.

I didn’t understand, then, why you came to me. You think that I’ve carried you on my ship to save Myself from the plague, but – in reality – I’ve hung onto you, injected myself into your belly. Laughing was the only thing that would help your pain.

I need you now. The ship is sinking, and I need you. I need you more than you need me. Please stay. You know what to do when the ship sinks. I don’t want you to go, because – even if I have to go down tied to the mast of this ship –  I’m STAYING. This is My centre of the Überverse, and I wish you would stay with Me.

I       Need    YOU!

You’ve seen how stupid I am on the computer.

(…oh, yes; I believe you can see where my finger is pointing.)

How do I know that, with the ‘gap’ in my signal? …because my Heart tells me so. And I’m going to every. Single. BOTTOM, until it gets Big enough for us ALL.

“What’s that? I dunno why I’m saying it. Actually, I can’t compete with your cleverness… I do know why… it’s one of the gifts I’ve promised myself. Dancing to Your Spirit is also a gift I’ve promised myself. And no, I haven’t done it yet. Don’t strain yourself over that one.    …you’ll catch (up)”

I need you to forgive me, infinitely more than I need it from you. I wasn’t fully conscious. I’m still not allowing it for myself. And You are the only one other than myself who knows what that means. You have taught me how to teach myself, and I LOVE you for it!

I’m staying, and my belly hurts already. I’m just going to have to try to laugh it off when the rest of it comes, without using anyone(-’thing’) else to do it. I’m tired of being the Scarecrow. Never again. Together, we CAN survive anywhere… (and you know where the rest of that goes, don’t you? Why am I asking? …yes)

Big Medicine Love to You

~ Black Feather

Rat responded with, " Give me cheese. For me, that's what Love is, that, and the fact that Your hand gives it to me."

I thought that I was the one to teach Rat what Love was. I'm obviously not as smart as I thought. We do need each other, and I know that with ALL my heart, now. Thanks for the lesson. I hope you're enjoying that cheese, my Friend.

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