Meet Your Guardian Angel

Do you have questions about how to move forward in your life?

Would you like to know your Guardian Angel?

You're surrounded by Angelic support, and your Guardian Angel is anxious to help in every way they can. The good news is: they can help in every way!

Because they have the advantage of a Higher view, they can provide you with your next Best step, and help you to become who you're Truly meant to be - it's their 'job' to help you to fulfil your Divine potential.

In other words, your Divine purpose is their Divine purpose!

Sometimes we can get wound up so tight in our thoughts and rigid ways of doing things that we're not able to access their help, even when they're presenting us with continuous signs!

We have so many Spirits watching over us, wanting to protect us, to guides us, being vigilant, being watchful, and being Loving. To them, you're as essential and beautiful as a baby Jesus or the Alpha wolf's new pup! 

They'll make fun out of your fears, stand up your ears, help you claim your rightful authority and assist you in stepping into your power. They want you to Grow, and realise yourself as King or Queen of your jungle, to be your own leader, brave and courageous!

They can help you find what's lost, smell trouble before you'd ever see it, and root around to find solutions in places you haven't ever been, all the while offering security, protection, Love and comfort to your inner child. Like a doting, ever-vigilant, infinitely loving parent, they want so much for you to Know the feeling that all is indeed and truly well.

An Angelic Playtime reading will provide you with whatever detailed information your Guardian Angel feels would be most helpful for you to know. Receive detailed information about 'who' they are (~ who they were in a recent incarnation, for example) and how to get past whatever is limiting you right now.

Whether you know it or not, they Know that what you have to offer the world is Very special, and needed! Are you ready to release what limitations are getting in your way? Let them show you what you can't seem to see for yourself!

Have me communicate what your Guardian Angel's message is to you. Why not accept the help they'd Love for you to have?!

Yes, I'd Love to hear what my Guardian Angel has to say!
$87 (US)