Monday, June 9, 2014

Litterbug Medicine: eat, sh!t, and die

"don't litter" by Shenghung Lin on Flickr
I took a shamanic earthwalk the other day (~ a walkabout vision quest in nature), and afterwards, as part of 'being the change I want to see in the world', I was guided to ask, “Why do people litter?”

(Although I realize the better question might be, “Why does it bother me so much?”)

Symbolically, tossing litter is motivated by an unconscious impulse to clear one's mind. Funny enough, nature can help us with that, but many of us don't know how to take advantage of what She offers.

What is it that people are trying to clear by doing it? ...frustrations, disappointments, defeats we harbour, borne from feelings of how little control we feel we have in life; self-beliefs about being ineffectual, unworthy, or (fill in the blank).

As the saying goes (and I'm paraphrasing here), 'give Spirit a laugh; present Him/Her with your plans'.
When our lifedream delivers us a surprise and screws up arrangements we've made for ourselves, the feelings these challenges can induce are not something many of us can bear to acknowledge. Inept and frustrated, we toss them (or try to).

Hey, from personal experience, we can get pretty sucky when life gives us something our soul Needs, instead of what we think we (should) want. It's not always easy to take an observer's perspective. Being human and all, rather than deal with our shadows, we'll more likely try to exorcise our feelings by externalizing them in the physical, like pitching a mind-less hissy-fit and throwing trash, for instance (spoiler alert: it doesn't really help. It's like a pacifier – an artificial substitute for an actual connection).

Ironically, actions like these are our soul's way of trying to make us aware of what's going on within us. And in that sense, (on a Divine level at least,) there's no judgement for doing it. Really. The problem is that it doesn't solve – or even come close to acknowledging – the actual issue.

So what is the issue? ...being able to have the presence of mind to realize that it's all 'Good', what happens to us.

We take everything (events that induce disappointment, especially) personally, when actually, it isn't. So often, it's the case that we're actually reacting to someone's expectation or behaviours as prompted by their own wounds. Perhaps our boundaries have been violated, and it doesn't seem we can do anything to remedy it. We inadvertently create Goblins for ourselves, and allow them to perpetuate our hurts, influence our behaviour.

What's the answer? Eat, sh!t, and die (except in a way that's infinitely more fulfilling than that sounds;). Take in what our lifedream is serving up. Let go, and let Spirit lead. Allow what doesn't serve us to pass.

Let Nature take Her course, and appreciate (or at least entertain the idea) that what appears is in our Highest, best interests. In other words, 'get out of our own way'. Let your lifedream reveal its intended Desires for you, rather than the other way around. Watch for miracles to unfold, without having to control or force anything.

What 'results' can you expect? Love. Absolutely. Everything else is trash.

Big Medicine Love to You
David 'Black Feather' Nagy

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Abundance 'attrackts': winning the frugality war

At one point in this life's journey, having quit a well-paying job with the intention of attracting /manifesting what dreams I thought I needed, I (instead?) found myself collecting cans and bottles off the beach. I'd use the return refund to buy enough rice from the bulk food bin to keep from starving (and I'd overspent, even, until the cashier took off the few cents' credit for my having brought my own bag). It was also around that time that I'd been asked to participate in an intuitive arts festival to present the work I'd started doing as a psychic illustrator, and found twenty dollars on the sidewalk; exactly what I needed to cover the fee.

Conversely, at a time when I was heavy into a lucid dreaming practice, I sought out and dreamt winning lottery numbers. But (unfortunately?), I only dreamt that I'd woken up to write them down. After eventually waking (for 'real'), I played the three numbers I knew for sure, as well as as many variations of what I thought I'd seen of the rest (and that I could ostensibly afford). Checking the official results after the draw date, I recognized in hindsight that the winning numbers were in fact the ones I'd originally dreamt. Go figure.

So, (after the expletives took flight,) did I loose /gain any Insights from those experiences?...

With my beachcombing, for instance, I let go of some outmoded ideals I had about humility and 'value'. While in the moment I interpreted what I was doing as humiliating, that self-judgement wasn't necessary. If someone were doing the same activity but had a truck with a professional-looking sign on it, was picking up cans wearing a reflective vest, a hardhat, and demonstrating a kicky, entrepreneurial attitude, I'd have viewed them totally differently than I was viewing myself (the admirable, 'smart', vs. the self-deprecating, 'loser', for the very same activity). It was a great lesson in how to Receive without self-criticism or judgement.

Regardless of how life's conditions appear, I have no doubt whatsoever that financial abundance is at our fingertips any time we Divinely choose, and /but I also have an appreciation for the idea that the experience I'm having is providing Exactly what I Need. While I have every confidence that I can manifest winning lottery numbers again using the same method, I haven't since felt motivated to. It's not a path I'm Choosing in this incarnation.

I ask myself the question, “what's more valuable to my soul's growth, cash in hand, or insight into how I'm sabotaging my own sense of value”? Not that it's an either-or question (and if monetary abundance is your journey, kudos to you), but I consider the release of the karma I'd built up around this immeasurably valuable. After all, why did I only dream that I woke up and wrote the numbers down? I'm only realizing as I write this that I can be sure it was not an accident. I figure that the lesson I got out of all of this is kind of like 'teaching a soul to fish'; money, I (hope I) would spend and it'd be gone, but this is a Gift that keeps on Giving.

I also learned not to force anything (and, no, it hasn't escaped me that prematurely quitting a good paying job to do what it is I'm 'really' here to do might have been a tad forced;). Some brilliant person since gave me the advice that if I'm in a situation that I'm feeling considerable resistance to, 'go limp'. That doesn't mean to be flaccid and not 'do' anything; by all means, do whatever you're Divinely guided to do (I personally received no less than 3 unmistakable signs suggesting I apply for a job in my previous line of work). What I mean is, if you find you're having an experience that your mind doesn't prefer or – at its extreme – is traumatic, go loose. Hey, you're more likely to survive a car accident that way – 'go limp' at your (work). Consider that the karma you're clearing is opening things up for you on your Direct path.

Regardless of the apparently haphazard decisions I made, I was and Am on the proverb-ial fast track, and everything is in proper balance, karmically speaking. As much as it seemed mine might not have been the most sensible route to take, Spirit's overview provided me with The most direct route. For myself, that wouldn't have been better facilitated by loads of cash.

As to how this all relates to what I'm 'really' here to do, well, I'm doing it. I was 'there', and now I'm 'here'. My dream was to work as /be a psychic illustrator and healer, to receive requests both for my services and to teach, and – as part-and-parcel – to be provided for. It was a Dream then, and it's my Life now. Then as now, it was as 'real' a part of my lifedream as what I'm experiencing at present. It was just a little challenging to recognize the value in it.

Wishing you Love, Light, Luck, Lucidity and Laughter

David 'Black Feather' Nagy is among other things a healer and psychic illustrator who believes that the best insurance against not living your dreams is living your Life. Your lifedream is the Biggest and most valuable Dream there is. Big Medicine Love to YOU

Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREE Psychic Drawing Presentation

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I'll be giving a FREE introductory presentation about my experiences with psychic illustration at Blue Sky Community Healing Centre (in Thunder Bay, Ontario) on Saturday, April 19th @ 1pm. Time to reveal your gifts to the world? You were born to illuminate!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

LIVE Psychic Drawing Tutorial with Black Feather

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Using examples of some of the illustrations I did as I was discovering the process I now use in my own healing practice, you’ll gain profound insights into what can be communicated, as well as learn how to actually do your own psychic drawings. I’ll provide you with step-by-step, detailed information on how to prepare, what tools and materials to use, how to do sittings, guidance on divining imagery, interpreting imagery, and invaluable tricks and tips throughout (including how to energetically protect yourself as you’re doing this kind of work).

(Please be advised that this tutorial deals with some mature subject matter.)

$167 includes your attendance fee for the live presentation /workshop, my online (or in-person) services as a consultant during the interpretive consultation with your first psychic illustration subject, as well as ongoing mentoring as you complete illustrations for your first 5 subjects.

Discounts are available for students, and considerations made for persons experiencing financial challenges – please contact me, blackfeathermedicine(at), for assistance.

Time: 15 March, 2014 @ 2pm
Place: the Creative Commons, 189 Algoma Street South, Thunder Bay, Ontario

If ‘time and /or place’ dictates that you can’t attend this event, there’s always the option of being tutored online, on a schedule that’s more convenient for you…

Saturday, February 15, 2014

YOU Deserve one of these smileys!

I've got my very own Rewards program for you! Follow me on my NEW Wordpress blog /website (you should see a 'FOLLOW' button at, and as a thank-you for supporting me as you have, I'll do a mini-reading for you!

Once you've signed on, send me an email asking me whatever question you like (about the next venture you have coming up, say), and I'll provide whatever my Guidance suggests would help open your path for you. I say you Deserve good things in life. What say you – want those Rewards coming your way?

Big Medicine Love to You,
Black Feather

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Give Yourself a Gift, and Give the Gift of Yourself

If you imagine gold, frankincense and myrrh might be appropriate offerings, they pale in comparison to what You have to contribute. It being the season, what say we unwrap your gifts to the world and share the Love they can facilitate?

What gifts am I talking about? The ability to facilitate transformation, break the chains of limitation, to open doors and manifest Creation (for others and yourself).

Call me selfish, but I'd like to be a part of that. How? By helping you and others like you (feel free to share this post) to drop doubt, 'reason' and erroneous beliefs about what you imagine you're capable of doing.

Here's how I can help open you to your hidden abilitites...

After saying a lot of 'no, that isn't possible' a few years ago, I came to accept that drawings I was doing were actually illustrations of other people's lives (or 'lifedreams', as I prefer to call them).

I'm continually amazed by how much information comes through them, and in what ways they're helpful to the people I have the Privilege of doing them for - everything from clearing blocks that are in the way of manifesting loving relationships, resolving past-life /karmic patterns, finding missing persons, providing prophecy, offering clarity and healing for physical and mental health issues, revealing what spiritual influences are around /mediumship, animal communication... it just goes on and on!

The possibilities of what can be manifested in terms of prayers being answered and dreams coming true for people (and yourself) are infinite!

In all sincerity, even if you feel you're not psychic or have artistic ability, I have Every confidence that you're capable of these things, too!

Whether you're interested for yourself or for another person who's coming to mind for you at this moment whom you feel would benefit from what I'm offering here, you can choose one of the three options you'll find listed (halfway down the page) at this link where you can learn to do psychic drawings.

Because I'm so interested in helping others to uncover and share their gifts with the world, if you respond to this offer now, I'll take a complimentary look into and remove any entities that have been hindering you to this point in your lifedream (consider it a bonus).

You don't have to struggle to feel special or to prove yourself, it can be as effortless as letting go.

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

Friday, November 8, 2013

Did Nothing Change? No, it just Looks that way

You've been throwing manifestation techniques at your lifedream and it appears that nothing's budged. What gives? After all, you've given it a good shake, haven't you? And you Know in your Heart of hearts that you're a supremely Divine force of manifestation, so why do things look the same?!

We are indeed immensely powerful creators, but it can seem that when we adopt a new stance or state of mind or way of Being in anticipation that it will manifest what we desire, we're often presented with exactly the same scenario we're trying to change. Our impulse is to see things as 'not working'.

The fact is, if we've changed our state of being, 'We' have changed. The fact that our physical /experiential circumstances seem to go through a repeat is because we're provided an opportunity to put (it) into practice. Think of it as a way for you to affirm to your Higher Self that you can use the 'new you'.

What's the point of becoming something different, having the latest upgrade, if you can't use it to remedy what it is that you've been asking for help with? Say you've asked for a change to your level of Abundance from the Uberverse; you're given a new perspective for (dealing) with it, but nothing seems to shift.

Your Higher Self has provided you a 're-do', an opportunity to affirm that things have indeed changed by giving you a chance to be subject to those same conditions and approaching them differently. Of course, our inclination is to look at the fact that circumstances are repeating to say that we're not capable.

Out of frustration /desperation, we resort to what our (societally conditioned) ego tries to tell us are 'tried and true' methods, and we end up repeating our previous pattern of taking blind action (which of course our Higher Self takes as a signal that it's what we prefer, and reinforces it with similar occurrences).

Whatever change it is that you're intent on manifesting, when you've applied your intentions to yourself and you've shifted something, (not if, but) when your Higher Self then provides you with a repeat to test you out, disregard the circumstances that present, and continue to exist in your new state of being.

Tell your ego that you love it and that it's safe, but that this new way of Being will benefit it, that it doesn't have to drive, that it can take a back seat and enjoy the view! It's been there to lovingly protect and serve you, but as your understanding of 'reality' is changing, that relationship is transforming, too.

Stay connected to the experience of being 'the Now you', and the rest will come naturally. What can I say; change is inevitable. If you feel you need some help getting to that new Now you, you know where to find me...

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather