Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREE Psychic Drawing Presentation

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I'll be giving a FREE introductory presentation about my experiences with psychic illustration at Blue Sky Community Healing Centre (in Thunder Bay, Ontario) on Saturday, April 19th @ 1pm. Time to reveal your gifts to the world? You were born to illuminate!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

LIVE Psychic Drawing Tutorial with Black Feather

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Using examples of some of the illustrations I did as I was discovering the process I now use in my own healing practice, you’ll gain profound insights into what can be communicated, as well as learn how to actually do your own psychic drawings. I’ll provide you with step-by-step, detailed information on how to prepare, what tools and materials to use, how to do sittings, guidance on divining imagery, interpreting imagery, and invaluable tricks and tips throughout (including how to energetically protect yourself as you’re doing this kind of work).

(Please be advised that this tutorial deals with some mature subject matter.)

$167 includes your attendance fee for the live presentation /workshop, my online (or in-person) services as a consultant during the interpretive consultation with your first psychic illustration subject, as well as ongoing mentoring as you complete illustrations for your first 5 subjects.

Discounts are available for students, and considerations made for persons experiencing financial challenges – please contact me, blackfeathermedicine(at), for assistance.

Time: 15 March, 2014 @ 2pm
Place: the Creative Commons, 189 Algoma Street South, Thunder Bay, Ontario

If ‘time and /or place’ dictates that you can’t attend this event, there’s always the option of being tutored online, on a schedule that’s more convenient for you…

Saturday, February 15, 2014

YOU Deserve one of these smileys!

I've got my very own Rewards program for you! Follow me on my NEW Wordpress blog /website (you should see a 'FOLLOW' button at, and as a thank-you for supporting me as you have, I'll do a mini-reading for you!

Once you've signed on, send me an email asking me whatever question you like (about the next venture you have coming up, say), and I'll provide whatever my Guidance suggests would help open your path for you. I say you Deserve good things in life. What say you – want those Rewards coming your way?

Big Medicine Love to You,
Black Feather

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Give Yourself a Gift, and Give the Gift of Yourself

If you imagine gold, frankincense and myrrh might be appropriate offerings, they pale in comparison to what You have to contribute. It being the season, what say we unwrap your gifts to the world and share the Love they can facilitate?

What gifts am I talking about? The ability to facilitate transformation, break the chains of limitation, to open doors and manifest Creation (for others and yourself).

Call me selfish, but I'd like to be a part of that. How? By helping you and others like you (feel free to share this post) to drop doubt, 'reason' and erroneous beliefs about what you imagine you're capable of doing.

Here's how I can help open you to your hidden abilitites...

After saying a lot of 'no, that isn't possible' a few years ago, I came to accept that drawings I was doing were actually illustrations of other people's lives (or 'lifedreams', as I prefer to call them).

I'm continually amazed by how much information comes through them, and in what ways they're helpful to the people I have the Privilege of doing them for - everything from clearing blocks that are in the way of manifesting loving relationships, resolving past-life /karmic patterns, finding missing persons, providing prophecy, offering clarity and healing for physical and mental health issues, revealing what spiritual influences are around /mediumship, animal communication... it just goes on and on!

The possibilities of what can be manifested in terms of prayers being answered and dreams coming true for people (and yourself) are infinite!

In all sincerity, even if you feel you're not psychic or have artistic ability, I have Every confidence that you're capable of these things, too!

Whether you're interested for yourself or for another person who's coming to mind for you at this moment whom you feel would benefit from what I'm offering here, you can choose one of the three options you'll find listed (halfway down the page) at this link where you can learn to do psychic drawings.

Because I'm so interested in helping others to uncover and share their gifts with the world, if you respond to this offer now, I'll take a complimentary look into and remove any entities that have been hindering you to this point in your lifedream (consider it a bonus).

You don't have to struggle to feel special or to prove yourself, it can be as effortless as letting go.

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

Friday, November 8, 2013

Did Nothing Change? No, it just Looks that way

You've been throwing manifestation techniques at your lifedream and it appears that nothing's budged. What gives? After all, you've given it a good shake, haven't you? And you Know in your Heart of hearts that you're a supremely Divine force of manifestation, so why do things look the same?!

We are indeed immensely powerful creators, but it can seem that when we adopt a new stance or state of mind or way of Being in anticipation that it will manifest what we desire, we're often presented with exactly the same scenario we're trying to change. Our impulse is to see things as 'not working'.

The fact is, if we've changed our state of being, 'We' have changed. The fact that our physical /experiential circumstances seem to go through a repeat is because we're provided an opportunity to put (it) into practice. Think of it as a way for you to affirm to your Higher Self that you can use the 'new you'.

What's the point of becoming something different, having the latest upgrade, if you can't use it to remedy what it is that you've been asking for help with? Say you've asked for a change to your level of Abundance from the Uberverse; you're given a new perspective for (dealing) with it, but nothing seems to shift.

Your Higher Self has provided you a 're-do', an opportunity to affirm that things have indeed changed by giving you a chance to be subject to those same conditions and approaching them differently. Of course, our inclination is to look at the fact that circumstances are repeating to say that we're not capable.

Out of frustration /desperation, we resort to what our (societally conditioned) ego tries to tell us are 'tried and true' methods, and we end up repeating our previous pattern of taking blind action (which of course our Higher Self takes as a signal that it's what we prefer, and reinforces it with similar occurrences).

Whatever change it is that you're intent on manifesting, when you've applied your intentions to yourself and you've shifted something, (not if, but) when your Higher Self then provides you with a repeat to test you out, disregard the circumstances that present, and continue to exist in your new state of being.

Tell your ego that you love it and that it's safe, but that this new way of Being will benefit it, that it doesn't have to drive, that it can take a back seat and enjoy the view! It's been there to lovingly protect and serve you, but as your understanding of 'reality' is changing, that relationship is transforming, too.

Stay connected to the experience of being 'the Now you', and the rest will come naturally. What can I say; change is inevitable. If you feel you need some help getting to that new Now you, you know where to find me...

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Third Eye Gobstopper

I've got a third eye like a Gobstopper, one of those round candies with a lot of colourful layers inside. It's white on the outside, but has a set of teeth in it, too - it's a sweet version of the plant in the 'little shop of horrors'. In other words, it's pure and sweet and has things to say, and when it opens to communicate what I channel and write, the shadows of how expansive you are can seem a little frightening (but at the same time, really entertaining).

It gets your juices flowing, sets your wheels in motion. It gets the power of your subconscious turning, first in one direction, then in many. You'll find little celebrations on your journey, and that rewards come easily around. Acknowledging the power of your own delicious Light, you open to beautiful new layers. As when you savour a Gobstopper, you find each new level is at least as sweet as the last, and discover a new Brilliance you didn't know was there.

(I'd originally sat down to write this 'thinking' that I'd compose an offer for people to receive one of my readings where you can 'Meet Your Guardian Angel' for a donation. I'd put a contest on my Facebook fanpage for Black Feather Medicine, and wanted to thank everyone who'd supported the idea but didn't actually win the reading. While I'm not saying I'm not making that offer, my guides started flooding me with images that led to the information above. Hey, who am I to argue with their view of what would be most helpful to you?)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What You're Capable Of: 'repurposing' entities

For those of you who've come as energetic 'cleaners', here's perhaps a new twist for you, to aid you in your blessed missions...

Upon waking the other morning, I was meditating, engaged in a strong, 'Passionate' connection with Gaia. As an affirmation of what I was experiencing, I saw an angelic ficure with arms outstretched, welcoming, beckoning. Then the visage changed to the tall figure of a woman; she was a brown colour that I associate with ancient, earth goddess figurines.

From the distance, I at first thought that she had a dark penis, but when things became clearer, her vagina was spewing oil. Then, superimposed over the image of her, there was a vision of a cleaning brush (a clean one, actually) and I also noticed a wheelchair, which I interpreted as a call for support /help for someone's challenge (Gaia's, in this case) - there was obviously something here in need of attention, healing, nurturing (and cleaning, obviously).

As an aside, I'd had a niggling feeling that there was a presence imposing on our connection. Taking a look, I saw the head of an entity with small, beady black eyes (~ eyes a mole or shrew would have; something that's used to being in the 'dark' /shadow) and a long proboscis that flared at the end into a wide, elongated oval. The entity was moving it in the motion a housefly does when it's tasting things /feeding, like a vacuum, looking to suck things (/energy) up.

I thought to exorcise it, but instead of doing that, I was given the nudge to 'repurpose' it. Without seemingly having any time to think about it, I'd put it to work clearing up the mess that's been made of Gaia by oil exploitation. As a confirmation, the appearance of the entity immediately changed to that of a brilliant angel (everything has a flipside).

Who - 'what', actually - better to assist with cleaning up the 'rotten' energies that've been motivating the exploitation of Gaia than an entity with an intimate awareness of Darkness? Not to mention, it was a 'fly' after all, and maggots are used to clean off dead skin, aren't they? (Don't take my word for it, read it in Scientific American:

As it says in those truth-peppered scriptures, Jesus had command over demons; as do You. I'm not saying that repurposing is The preferred practice in every application where you might otherwise be inclined to simply exorcise an entity, but in the cases where Guidance advises it, why not delegate in this way, rather than sending an entity off (to potentially wreak havoc) elsewhere?

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

p.s. If you'd like my help, maybe you feel you're in a little over your head with something, (hahaha... you're not - you just 'think' you are, but) send me an email. I have no doubt we'll get things sorted out: blackfeathermedicine(at)