Thursday, February 23, 2012

White Mountain Rainbow: ‘seeing into the pictures’

Although it’s primarily a visual process, this is a description of how my channelings appear and how I interpret them. As much as I’d Love to be able to relay what it is that I actually see, I couldn’t possibly do justice to how intricate the images themselves actually are, so – until I get hooked up to a brain scan imaging device – I have to settle for literal transcriptions.

The sections marked with asterisks* are descriptions of the imagery, and following them in italics are my translations…
*At a space in the alphabet, a (jagged) white mountain, with frequency lines in rainbow colors following its contours above it

*A space shuttle launch with two fuselages, one on either side of a charcoal centre, all on a charcoal pad
… a sign of a(n upcoming, successful?) launch, as the fuselages were shown (still white and) intact

*Star trek symbol in black
…going out on a mysterious (/secretive), exploratory mission… some ‘bravado’ associated with it

*Clouds above, black (being) like a neuron/ brain nerve connecting to it from below
…a symbol of a veil/mystery, but also of Divine presence (things that can only be known with the heart)
…connection can be made through consciousness (the mechanical means are unnecessary)

*Chameleon/lizard eyes, pterodactyl emerging, with a gold ring in its beak
…lizards have disguised themselves (ourselves?), but ancient identities are emerging, coming full circle in completion, successful negotiation, partnership, strength, unity, wholeness (on a macro and individual level)

*Potato chips in a hatband/belt
…(sustenance and creative fuel, but also) over indulgent behavior, makes for rotten communication
…you want others to see you as something they’ll like, but you’re presenting something that isn’t good for them
…a disguise, distraction, and now, a need to protect yourself from the influence of those around you
…holding back your personal power and individuality, vulnerability

*Triangular eye, spilling from a vent/(hole)
...a sacred, unified vision, integrate body, mind and spirit, aspects of self
…feeling the tension of important/influential people in your life

*(ship,) hair in a ‘V’ on the edge, rabbit, owl
…(ship,) your power is considerable, but hanging on the edge
…you’re frightened, you are deceiving (or feeling scared that you’re
being deceived)

*God hands, temple
...God holds All in His hands (including You), in this place of connection, the alignment of heaven and earth

*Removing an object, ornate with ruby (eyes/gems)
…you are passionately Loved, a tool of the Divine
…rise from your martyrdom to know and Be Love, True nobility, wealth, respect

*Teeth in the distance (top set)
…you’re only communicating half of what’s being said

*Temple, water flowing through, hatch closing

* “…leaving, “leaving…?”, leaving, Leaving”

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