Learn Psychic Drawing

psychic artist and healer BLACK FEATHER,

(detail from 'Power Words')

As ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, the value of a psychic illustration can be Immeasurable!

These are just some of the applications psychic drawings can help with:

  • clearing blocks to Love and romance
  • realizing self-love
  • providing clarity about past lives and karmic patterns
  • finding missing persons
  • prophecy
  • physical health issues
  • depression
  • addictions
  • insomnia
  • memory loss
  • shadow work
  • behavioural modification
  • family dysfunction
  • generational entanglements
  • life direction
  • unlocking keys to personal power
  • vocational guidance
  • spiritual influences
  • mediumship ~ messages from deceased persons
  • preconscious influences (infancy)
  • relationship healing
  • animal communication
  • awareness of animal guides /totems

Now, does that sound like something you can make a Difference in the world with?

If you don’t need to feel as though you have psychic abilities to do psychic drawings, what Do you need?...

While some graphic ability would definitely be an asset, traits that qualify you for success are an open mind, keen observational skills, a respectful Patience, an appreciation of dream symbolism, and a sincere interest in making a difference in the world.

The Universe conspires to give you the information you need. Everything is presented right there in front of you; all you need do is be open to and Accept that it’s there. Even if you feel that you have No psychic ability or skill as an artist, you CAN do this!

What will you Receive?

You’ll be sent a detailed written and video tutorial that describes the process that Black Feather taught himself, he'll connect with you live via Skype to offer a personalised description of the process, and you'll receive ongoing support from him via email and Skype as you develop and interpret your own first psychic illustrations!

What’s it going to Cost you?

For one, it’ll likely ‘cost’ you some outworn perspectives, as your sense of what’s possible will undoubtedly change.
Following from that, there are three options for you to choose from…

TUTORIAL PACKAGE 1: I send you the tutorial and other support materials I’ve developed, and then coach you through the production of your own first psychic illustration from there.

$167 (US)

TUTORIAL PACKAGE 2: as a means of preparing you to be more helpful to the people /clients you’ll eventually be doing psychic illustrations for, I first do a Soul-Medicine reading for you to help remove whatever blocks Spirit suggests are limiting you. It’s part of my commitment to ensuring you’re best able to do the work you’re ‘really’ here to do.
After consulting on your reading, I send you the tutorial and support materials and coach you through producing your own first psychic illustration.
($244, if purchased separately – save almost $50!)

Most Highly Recommended TUTORIAL PACKAGE 3: preparing you on All levels to be a Great psychic Illustrator… 

I do a Lifedream Illumination for /of you, and we go through the consultation process with you as the subject. Not only will you receive invaluable first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be the beneficiary of a psychic illustration, you’ll gain priceless personal insights, and experience the additional healing benefits that having one of these amazing drawings can facilitate.

After consulting on your illustration, I send you the tutorial and support materials and coach you through producing your own. Want to be a Great psychic illustrator? This is a commitment you’ll want to make to yourself! 

(save almost $100!) 

Personally, my preference would be to do a Lifedream Illumination for everyone I tutor, but (at this time, at least,) I’ve been Guided to offer this information without it as a prerequisite. Having said that, I can’t recommend PACKAGE 3 strongly enough – my sincere desire is for you and your future illustration subjects to receive the benefits of this process, as much as (I hope) you do!

[FYI: an immense amount of information is revealed in any psychic illustration I do, so expect our consultation of the illustration I produce for you to be a minimum of three hours. For that reason especially, I prefer to use Skype rather than phone for consultations, especially when connecting internationally.]

If you have questions that you’d like answered first, email me, Black Feather, at: