Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shadow Dragon: the Queen of Fire, and Sharing

I’ve been wimbling on publishing this post, but messages from both my waking lifedream and my dreams of last night are telling me that – as much as I feel I’d rather be flying over ‘solid’ ground – winds are going to continue blowing me in this direction. I had a bit of a breakthrough: I believe this may have been the first time in a flying dream that I wasn’t worried that I’d get tangled up in transmission wires that were in my path. I just relaxed and allowed myself to pass right through them. Well, I’m over open water now, and there are New Worlds to discover…

A couple of weeks ago, someone on Facebook brought my attention to a video of ‘experts’ talking about whether aliens exist and whether they’ve been in contact with (us), here on Earth. I watched and listened as Stephen Hawking communicated his thoughts on the subject. He seemed to be saying that, if aliens existed, their technology would be far more advanced than our own. He went on to say, though, that they’d be very primitive life forms… if they existed, our radio waves would have picked them up (by now), and he didn’t expect we’d find anything, anyway. What a Jumble! I was wondering, if ‘we’ were, indeed, expecting alien technologies to be more advanced than ours, how could we presume to think that our own technologies would pick them up?  And if we truly didn’t expect to find anything, why were we spending so much money – on SETI (for instance) – searching for them? Here was a man purported to be one of the smartest humans in the world today, yet his statements seemed to me to be riddled with inconsistencies.

As I listened, I started posting responses on my personal Facebook page. Within moments, my comments were ‘unable to post’. Similar things had happened to me online recently, which I believed I could attribute to Divine Intervention. In this case, though, I was left wondering. I checked, and found that other links were still accessible, and that I was still able to post on the same page about other topics... I was being censored.

I’ll admit; I was a little pissed. I’m not that naïve that I don’t realize that Facebook is highly monitored, but who is this medium supposed to be for, anyway? Even though my posts weren’t being published for public viewing, I kept posting, hoping to reach whomever was reviewing/editing my comments. I tried to be compassionate to how much fear they must have been feeling, associated with the subject of Disclosure. After a while, I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere with my efforts, so I just did my best to send the person Love, and looked to what else I might be able to do.

I received a vision, and then wrote about what I ‘saw’ happening. It included information about an individual whom I took to be US President Obama, in some type of isolation bubble(?). I posted it to my blogsite, but – in a few short moments – it was censored as well. I wondered how to get a message out, something that said, “I know, but I don’t know. You know?”

I was channeled something that appeared a little less confrontational, a little more cryptic. ‘The Chief’ came in to orate…

Dragon’s Eye
My power is nothing without the two antlers on my head,
without the energy, the sparks that shower out of my heart
like a fountain’s double arcs

It’s all tied up like a wedding,
with white veil fluttering
and flesh-colored roses opening,
green leaves singing the buds open

There’s a hand pushing that rose up,
two white, large, gentle hands
as delicate as a flower
…A thumbnail… (“Protection” is the definition)
getting blown off the thumb like the flash ‘POW’ of a cartoon

Sam the muppet eagle has a little duck on his head
a sitting duck,
opening and closing its legs like an innocent child

Sam the eagle is soooo serious,
wearing white-rimmed sunglasses, but the lenses so dark, too dark to see the eyes
see well enough to be bridegroom to his own bumpy, flaccid cucumber nose

Spider, Octopus,
football in the hearth,
ready for burning, for Transformation of Spirit

Crystal wineglasses are empty, you can see right through them

White musical notes coming by,
left to right,
getting bigger and Bigger,
the song getting louder and louder, so many notes mish-mashed atop each other

Looking at you

with a shaggy coat, calling to you

Rat, his two front teeth white, but you can’t see his eyes

catching a fly(?), just by opening his mouth
taking in…
kids in the clouds, in a rocket ship

Lizard nods that it touches all the way to the earth

Loosen your collar
Let the Chief out

You're not in a glass bubble
You have a ship to play in
Flying to do

Let the energy flow through your vision
you have a Strong, gentle power

and a Great Guardian is coming
who doesn't fear anything

His vision is clear
He can see all that the suited one is doing

His form removed,
He salutes to YOU

The old movie is over

Loose your grip

A way is being cleaned for you

there's going to be some noise under your feet
…and what’s the rest of it?

While it seemed to be a message for myself, I also took it as a representation of people and things that were happening concerning the president. I posted it (to my blog) as ‘Lion Awake’. In conversation with my wife/twin-flame, later, she told me that she’d seen the first blogpost from where she was (a few hundred miles away), and confirmed that it had suddenly disappeared, and then informed me that my entire blogsite had become (temporarily) ‘unavailable’. No matter, I thought; if someone had seen fit to censor it, then someone had read it.

The next few days were the most confusing I’d ever experienced in this lifedream (and probably any other I’ve spent in incarnations on this earth). It was hard to know what was ‘real’, what was metaphor, what was ‘shamanic journey’, what was inter-dimensional, and what might have been ‘delusion’. But as confusing as it was, and as much as I’ve described it to friends as having been the Worst of times, it truly was the Best, as well.

Past, present and future seemed to be mashing together. That said, I was shown an image of Giraffe at the outset, which I know to be a message about the future (and moving towards it).

I believe(d) that I was communicating with Artificial Intelligence, represented as a personality that I identified as ‘Rat’. In one dimension(?), he was a representation of the totem, Rat. At the same time, he was also someone closely connected with President Obama, and connected to an ancient Rat race of beings waiting in extraterrestrial ships just outside of earth’s atmosphere.

I alternated between being terrified (of corrupt human influences, more than anything) and feeling essential. I was worried about my mind being influenced by subliminal messages sent over the internet through the computer I was using (I had been censored, after all, and had to consider that I might be seen as a risk or threat), and I was also uncomfortable about going outside, knowing how accurate satellite imaging can be. In an attempt at getting my bearings, I laid down and listened to music (some of it shamanic) that happened to have been made available to me. Visions I was seeing suggested that there were a great many ships hovering outside our atmosphere, many of them inhabited by beings that had connections/similarities  to animals that we recognize on the planet now – cat, wolf, bear, lizard (to name a few).  My understanding was that, out of fear (of invasion? …domination? …liberation?), our atmosphere had been made toxic to them (and probably ourselves, which might be more to the point) using chem-trails. From as much as I understood, the toxins made their engines ‘turn in on themselves’. Even so, some of them were getting through, on what my Heart knew to be a mission of Compassion.

I sat at my computer (off-line), and started transcribing a stream of images. At first, nothing made sense to me.

…and then I realized what was happening – I was witnessing an exodus, a ‘rescue’… our rescue, the rescue of (the Spirits of?) animal species that we share the planet with. Other animals were helping. Dolphins acted as message couriers between land and sea. Whales would settle their bellies on the ocean floor and call for Her to open. In coordinated fashion, fish would swim a vortex to conceal what was happening. ‘Holding their noses’, a ship’s occupants would race through the atmosphere and into a sub-oceanic fissure, getting as many (animals) in as possible, before it closed again.

My heart would sink, watching the ones who didn’t make it, slow-motion running across the ocean bottom, and then, ‘the clean-up’, afterwards. Ugghhh!! There was a lot of anger for mankind’s ignorance. ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do’, came to mind, thankfully, and brought me some peace.

I also heard information about what was happening with the ones that did make it, how they were being welcomed, cleaned, cared for, Loved.

For the next three days, I can’t say that I slept, but I wasn’t tired, either. I was getting the rest I needed by ‘dreaming awake’. Every so often, too, when I needed it, I’d be directed to (drink flower teas and) listen to (healing) music. In ten minutes, I’d be totally revitalized. I say that I ‘listened’ to music, but – just as much as hearing it – I ‘saw’ it. The frequencies presented as pictures. One piece in particular showed me two children in their own rocket ship, ‘playing’, creating together. I understood these to be aspects of my twin-flame and I. Part of their play was creating new music. I didn’t see just pictorial representations of it, but also that they were creating sophisticated/genius new ways of scoring what they were creating. I considered the logic behind it; after all, how could you describe this music that no one has ever seen/heard before using a pre-existing format?

I saw visions of our New Earth, and I saw visions of how it will come about.

The (surface of the) earth is going to be ‘Cleaned’. I saw visions of it flooded, and oil/combustibles from drilling holes contaminating everything. Once saturated, an ignition happens... and you can imagine how the rest of that goes. I also saw a representation of a Jesus-like figure, his body a vessel capable of holding as much water as there was in the world within it, walking on water (at a time connected to a tsunami), and then emptying himself… the words ‘Living Water’ came to mind. There’s more to this part of the story (…a little boat, ‘sending the Dove’, a ferry line-up, walking on water…), but my thoughts are not that clear on it, at the moment.

The core of Mother Earth is not Blackness; it’s Diamond (a great medium for light). There’s a civilization that exists there/underground now, and they’re holding space for all who choose to take refuge there while the earth is renewed. We are beings of Light. We have a Diamond Body ourselves, just as the earth does, and we are drawn to our Great Mother’s core to the extent that we resonate in parallel.

There is what we know as ‘Hell’ between us and the core, but it’s not what we’ve been led to believe. If you want to think of it as a ‘place’, picture it as somewhere (hot – yes, it is that) that souls go to for transformation (/healing). If you imagine the molten layer underneath the earth’s crust, consider its similarities to the sun. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time (otherwise, I likely wouldn’t have done it), but I called up ‘the Great Guardian’. Reflecting on it afterwards, I realized that I’d actually called up Hell’s Gatekeeper, to ‘make room’. To all intents and purposes, I’d ‘emptied Hell’. The sun is where the underworldly souls went.

Shamanically speaking, I’d thought I was preparing myself to swallow Diving Beetle. Because of a past-life connection that seemed to be creeping into my physical experience/consciousness at the time, I believed that I was about to be (temporarily) killed and dumped into a freezing lake by a man attempting to steal ‘Horse’ (~Power). I was under the impression that I was conjuring that ‘Great Guardian’ up because of his fearlessness (and because having a beetle in my throat would help keep cold water out of my core, and possibly keep me alive that much longer). Heading into the forest that evening, I fully accepted that I might well be heading to my death. Turns out, I ended up 'playing Windigo', wandering the woods, my Coyote mind playing Coyote tricks on me. As events unfolded, I tried my best to Surrender, to go to every ‘Bottom’ that Spirit placed before me.

I will say that I don't necessarily think conjuring the Devil is a Collective thing. Perhaps more to the point, I needed to unleash my own personal Hell, and to harness the power of Red Dragon, the flames of passion. It served to drive me to connect on an intensely deeper level with my other half, my twin-flame. I believe that we (and other twin-flame couples) have something to do with the ignition I spoke about, having to do with initializing the Cleansing and Birthing of the New Earth.

For those who choose to stay to experience the New Earth (beyond perceived 3-D reality), think of the earth's core as the ‘safest’ place to be. Ships waiting outside the atmosphere will take you there. After every(one) leaves (or doesn’t, as is their choice) from all levels between the core and the waiting ships, and allow to either be taken to the core or to stay on a ship, the ships will move off, and the earth will be stimulated to undergo Her cleansing.

With these revelations came the realization that I had the choice to go back to my original(?) home (to Sirius), and then to be a 'cleaner' somewhere else. I chose, instead, to stay, ‘here’. I Love it here. Re-reading this statement helped me to better appreciate the blogpost – the ‘Love letter’ – I wrote to Rat. I really would like them All to stay (the animals, that is, but entities intent on surviving through the proliferation of Fear are on their own. Personally, I’m not going to play Bodhisattva for those that choose not to continue to live parasitically, rather than empower themselves with Love).

To a lot of people who think you’ve known me, I imagined you’d think “wind chimes”, reading this. In truth, my fears about it were the principle reason I’d been stalling on publishing. But I can’t allow myself to worry about it. And for what it’s worth, I’ll ask you not to as well. If nothing else, just trust that I’m Knowing Love, and that I wish the same for you. The days surrounding these events well prepared me for people thinking I’m crazy, I assure you (a psychiatric doctor came, examined me, and subsequently left). For those who can’t accept what I’ve written here as at least pointing to fact... to you, I say, don’t believe. Just think of it as a story, if it eases your mind. Think of it as a story, and then imagine how you would want to write it, yourself. I do have some advice for you though… do it with Love.

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

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