Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What You're Capable Of: 'repurposing' entities

For those of you who've come as energetic 'cleaners', here's perhaps a new twist for you, to aid you in your blessed missions...

Upon waking the other morning, I was meditating, engaged in a strong, 'Passionate' connection with Gaia. As an affirmation of what I was experiencing, I saw an angelic ficure with arms outstretched, welcoming, beckoning. Then the visage changed to the tall figure of a woman; she was a brown colour that I associate with ancient, earth goddess figurines.

From the distance, I at first thought that she had a dark penis, but when things became clearer, her vagina was spewing oil. Then, superimposed over the image of her, there was a vision of a cleaning brush (a clean one, actually) and I also noticed a wheelchair, which I interpreted as a call for support /help for someone's challenge (Gaia's, in this case) - there was obviously something here in need of attention, healing, nurturing (and cleaning, obviously).

As an aside, I'd had a niggling feeling that there was a presence imposing on our connection. Taking a look, I saw the head of an entity with small, beady black eyes (~ eyes a mole or shrew would have; something that's used to being in the 'dark' /shadow) and a long proboscis that flared at the end into a wide, elongated oval. The entity was moving it in the motion a housefly does when it's tasting things /feeding, like a vacuum, looking to suck things (/energy) up.

I thought to exorcise it, but instead of doing that, I was given the nudge to 'repurpose' it. Without seemingly having any time to think about it, I'd put it to work clearing up the mess that's been made of Gaia by oil exploitation. As a confirmation, the appearance of the entity immediately changed to that of a brilliant angel (everything has a flipside).

Who - 'what', actually - better to assist with cleaning up the 'rotten' energies that've been motivating the exploitation of Gaia than an entity with an intimate awareness of Darkness? Not to mention, it was a 'fly' after all, and maggots are used to clean off dead skin, aren't they? (Don't take my word for it, read it in Scientific American:

As it says in those truth-peppered scriptures, Jesus had command over demons; as do You. I'm not saying that repurposing is The preferred practice in every application where you might otherwise be inclined to simply exorcise an entity, but in the cases where Guidance advises it, why not delegate in this way, rather than sending an entity off (to potentially wreak havoc) elsewhere?

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

p.s. If you'd like my help, maybe you feel you're in a little over your head with something, (hahaha... you're not - you just 'think' you are, but) send me an email. I have no doubt we'll get things sorted out: blackfeathermedicine(at)


  1. I've had a similar experience not so long ago. In my dream/vision/spiritwalk I was in a hospital(?) I think - well it was very white and "clean" - when I noticed a dark entity outside the (glass) door. Initially I was all "RAWR! Get out of here, you don't belong, feel my adamantium claws bitch!" Well, not exactly, but you get the idea - I was fearful. Then suddenly it struck me, this entity (it was in human form, no features just all black) didn't want to be there, didn't want to be left outside. So I lovingly invited it in, took it by the hand and said it was time to move on. I asked Michael to help out and sure enough it just left. I actually felt the physical sensation of someone's hand letting go of mine.

    I think it was one of my dark angels/inner demons. Not sure. But yeah, Jesus/We have power over them when we choose to love them.

  2. You are one truly Impressive being, Marc (that's 'being' as in the immortal sort, of course!). I can't begin to tell you how moved I am by your experience! Way to be lucid!