Sunday, October 20, 2013

Your Love Affair: is there Passion?

Let's talk about the Love affair you're having. What's that? You're not having an affair? I beg to differ (and I think it's about time you brought it out into the open). I'm having one, and I'm not ashamed to admit it...

(this article is a transcription of the video posted below)

There's you, alone; let's call you 'Spirit'. You're floating around in the ether, disincarnate. It sure would be nice to be able to sense yourself, wouldn't it? Hey, you're Awesome; why shouldn't you get to experience yourself? Or maybe be able to move and /or actually 'do' stuff, spread yourself out a little.

So rather than just float around in space 'not being' there, you decide to Create something. At the risk of sounding altogether too obvious, let's call it 'Creation'. You're Omnipotent, so sure, you could do that all by yourself, but as you're Love and what you're Creating is Love, it's better shared, wouldn't you say? Here's where things get hot. Step in Gaia. Big bang.


She is physicality, so that you as Consciousness can realise your own existence. And she's a babe. No, wait; she's the mum of a babe (the mother of Creation). No, wait; she's You (or an incarnation of, at least). In any case, she's what makes your awareness of yourself possible. You could say that, in essence, She makes 'You' possible. Without her, you're back to feeling (and being) Nothing.

Okay, sounds like a functional enough relationship, and you won't ever be lonely, what with her as your other half (or 'third'? Who's doing the math?), and your offspring, Creation, ever expanding, evolving, and constantly surprising you with what it can Be. But what's the point, just 'existing' together like that, I mean? Is there Passion, or are you both just cohabitating for the sake of it and inadvertently pumping out more 'Creation' after the occasional blackout?

Rather than answer that question for you, there's nothing like experiencing for yourself. Sing Gaia your 'Love song', and see what happens... Seriously. Stand, sit, whatever. Be where you are, as you are, take in a breath, and let out a long, soulful "OM" to her. See if she likes it. Be open to what she responds with, by way of what she incites you to feel. How do you feel?

If you like it, do it again. And again, and 'uh-huh'. Pretty soon, you'll find that she likes that you like that she likes that you like it, and it just escalates from there, really (and to answer your question, 'don't worry; yes, it really does just keep getting even better. No, I can't say that I know how; it just does'). And get this: as a result of what's happening between the two of you, Creation is ever expanding! Go figure (actually, don't bother. Just go with it, and keep OM-ing)!

Hey, maybe next time we'll talk about your 'addiction'. What's that? You say you don't have an addiction?

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather


  1. Brilliant post and I love your humour too it just shines through.

    1. Wachay, Heather, and thankyou for connecting. It's heartening to hear that what I feel on the inside is being expressed in such a way that it's making a difference on the 'outside'! I figured I'd lived enough of this incarnation Not seeing the humour in life - I don't see the point of existing without it now! Much Big Love to you

  2. Great point of awareness for any relationship - are you just existing, are you both just co-habitating for the sake of it? Asking that question really does shift what type of Creation can occur and with whom. Our connections run much deeper than first appearance - thanks for reminding us.

  3. I came to realise that there was no point being in any relationship unless I could appreciate the Love and Passion available in the 'extended self' that was the lifedream that'd been Created around me. As you suggest (if I'm catching your drift), why just 'be' when you can 'Be'?