Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Antidote Frequency to War: a Change of Heart

What do we want? PEACE! When do we want it? NOW!! How do we do that? I dunno, really; I thought maybe you did.

So, how do you end 'war'? Do you protest the proliferation of a battle that's happening in a land foreign to you? Do you write a letter of appeal to a politician who's to all intents and purposes powerless to stop the military agenda?

Or do you do 'nothing'?

The obvious answer (to the last question, at least) is 'no', not just because it goes against your sensibilities, but because your Soul isn't built that way. It's on a progression towards the realisation of Omnipresent Love, and the mindset of war doesn't fit with the path of inevitability you Know yourself to be on in that respect.

You can't battle war with a battle, nor are you likely to get anywhere waging a War of Peace. You can't fight a demon with 'fight', but you can faciliate a truly profound healing shift into Peace.

For the sake of simplicity, I was going to say that what's needed is a battle of /for consciousness, but realised my own words are limiting me. It might be more helpful to say that what's needed is a Shift into the Consciousness of Heart-centred Peace [a little wordy, but you get the point].

So who wouldn't like the idea? I don't believe it's just my idealism talking when I say that even the souls [not minds] of warmongers would rather see peace as the standard. It's just that from their limited, fear-based perspective, they don't see any solution outside of what they're doing now that'll keep them feeling 'safe' (yeah, go figure).

No one really wants to hear that they're in some way energetically responsible for war. After all, launching a rocket isn't something I could in my wildest dreams see myself actually doing. But in whatever way you can drag your rational mind close to the idea, the truth is, You (and I) comprise the Consciousness of the Universe, and there are battles being fought in parts of it.

Simply put, as the Universe is an extension of you, there's turbulence in your most Expansive Divine Heart. Leave your mind out of it (as much as you're able), and then just try to convince me that your body and spirit don't agree with me on that.

Don't imagine for one second that there's blame being apportioned here; there's no judgment, either (both are clever Coyote tricks). It's easier to come to terms with how it is that our energy's being used to allow war to breed by thinking of the influence that's acted on our consciousness to motivate war as a covert operator. Put it outside of yourself and call it a parasitic demon (of significantly vast proportions). It's not that individuals bent on war choose to go the the dark side in full consciousness - they've been bamboozled.

What to do about it?

Things change as a result of being observed. That's how powerful we are as energetic beings. Observe the energy that's been creating the frequency of war (and tweak it a little) to change it. How can you do that? Well, as a start, you've enlisted me to help you (your Heart has, actually).

What follows is an antidote frequency to mitigate the energy that's been motivating war. It's most effective to relax, close your eyes, and listen to the recording as you visualize the imagery that's described...

heavy drapes being synched (/gathered with a tie) at their middles
(revealing) multiple arches,
 the round top of them protruding out, closing slowly like big eyelid(s)
angy sunglasses man
multi-coloured reflection on the lenses looks like oil /gasoline (on water)

As often happens when I vision quest for an antidote frequency, there were images that followed those that were specific to myself and that I didn't include in the description above, geared to healing specific aspects my own Heart has been struggling with. What can I say; each aspect of Creation is intimately connected, yet unique in its expression on some level as well. If you feel moved to enlist me to vision quest (more) specifically for you too, follow this link to my Worth a Look page. Or if you're not sure exactly what you need (with what energetic battle you're fighting), but feel you'd really like some psychic guidance, I have no doubt that an Illuminator Insights reading will provide you with information invaluable to your soul's journey.

It (war) seems like a big thing /issue to change. I can well imagine that your 'rational' mind is whirring around the idea that it isn't physically possible (and it'll try to prove it to you). Fortunately, your spirit Knows otherwise. Unless you shift into another dimension or parallel Universe altogether, you won't likely perceive yourself as eradicating global warfare all in one blinding flash in this one. Consider that by having 'observed' the antidote frequency above, you're facilitating a change with ('just') yourself, for now.

Usually at this point, I'd encourage you to watch for signs that war on earth is diminishing. More to the point, though, watch for signs that your 'war' is on its way out. Whether it's a war of struggle with abundance issues, relationship drama, control issues, or whatever, your angels will provide you with signs of hope and change specific to you. And that's where it begins.

You've mitigated the effects of the frequency that's been causing your energetic strife, and now you're clean and clear to Create - it's up to you what your soul decides to Manifest from here. If you feel you're not in touch with your Soul's intentions for you in the way of your own dreams or abilities as much as you'd like to be, I can help you with that, too...

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