Saturday, November 2, 2013

Third Eye Gobstopper

I've got a third eye like a Gobstopper, one of those round candies with a lot of colourful layers inside. It's white on the outside, but has a set of teeth in it, too - it's a sweet version of the plant in the 'little shop of horrors'. In other words, it's pure and sweet and has things to say, and when it opens to communicate what I channel and write, the shadows of how expansive you are can seem a little frightening (but at the same time, really entertaining).

It gets your juices flowing, sets your wheels in motion. It gets the power of your subconscious turning, first in one direction, then in many. You'll find little celebrations on your journey, and that rewards come easily around. Acknowledging the power of your own delicious Light, you open to beautiful new layers. As when you savour a Gobstopper, you find each new level is at least as sweet as the last, and discover a new Brilliance you didn't know was there.

(I'd originally sat down to write this 'thinking' that I'd compose an offer for people to receive one of my readings where you can 'Meet Your Guardian Angel' for a donation. I'd put a contest on my Facebook fanpage for Black Feather Medicine, and wanted to thank everyone who'd supported the idea but didn't actually win the reading. While I'm not saying I'm not making that offer, my guides started flooding me with images that led to the information above. Hey, who am I to argue with their view of what would be most helpful to you?)

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