Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exorcisms Made Easy: Black is where it's At!

I've been somewhat hesitant about putting information about exorcism out there, but what can I say, it's what I Do (and I'm particularly good at it). I can't tiptoe around it any more because of assumptions I might have about what some people are willing to accept as 'reality'. After all, what doesn't challenge our ideas about reality? The idea that electricity could be tansmitted without wires seemed outrageous too, not that many years ago.

From the outset, I'll give this precautionary warning: don't take a demon onto /into yourself. While they might try to delude you and give you the impression that it's necessary for the protection of others you feel they might be apt to harm (taking advantage of that oversized Heart of yours), it isn't. Period. You'll be long past running down the street naked (or variations thereof) before you remember what it is you'd agreed to.

(And make sure you have 'permission' before you exorcise or remove anything. As much as there's no such thing as a 'mistake' in the grand scheme of things, you wouldn't want to remove an entity that's present as part of the Divine plan of someone's ascension. If you're unclear about that, please contact me.)

I've heard a lot of mentions lately about what colour /variety of Light you should surround yourself with, but sometimes, in order to see something that's particularly hidden, it's immensely helpful to visualise yourself in Black Light. Actually, visualising yourself 'as' Black Light would be more to the point. As an immortal Being /soul, you've got Nothing to fear doing this (and if you think you do, it's a mind-job, and it isn't doing you any favours). If you prefer, think of it as though you're using glasses with coloured lenses, except in this case they're not rose- but shadow-coloured!

Envision yourself and the energetic space around you as blacker than black. You can do it. Consider that it's possible you've actually been 'darkness' at some point, previous to the stage of ascension you're at now. You must've evolved from something, right? If that idea doesn't feel good to you, consider that black light actually contains all other colours. Anything that's in the surrounding darkness will emit some amount /variation of energy or be distinguishable in some way. Envision putting it under an upturned glass, and then 'turn the lights on'.

At this point, you can just let whatever's under the glass spin itself out. It'll start refracting and dispersing, transforming into (something else). Don't worry that you might be 'hurting' it in some way; in effect, you could say that you're doing it a favour. Actually, all you've done is put it in a position where it can be readily observed. The rest of what happens it's doing on its own.

Stuck on something? If you're not aware of me having visited you with an answer already (Hahahahaha), there's email: It's a little slower, but it gets the job done (and in Divine timing, too!).

Otherwise, there's this option: 'Behind the Veil'

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

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