Sunday, September 29, 2013


Signs from Spirit come in all forms, not just the ones we think we want or have preferences for like feathers and rainbows. They might come to us through (unwanted) changes in our relationships.

Let's say you find yourself unexpectedly alone, and you're just not comfortable with that. What up?

I can tell you that you're Loved, Adored, and always Guided, but the loneliness doesn't seem to make sense 'here on the ground', does it? This is something you've manifested for yourself? Why?

It's an opportunity to fill the vast (space/) Universe with your Presence. Unless you know how vastly empty that space is, you have no idea what it's capable of holding. Hmmm... not feeling better yet?

What are your obstacles? Your need for outside approval, for one; the conditioned habit of having someone outside yourself validate your existence.

Your physical solitude is a Divine choice. In making your peace with your fear of the emptiness, you're setting yourself up to come to Know your own Light in such a way that you'll be prepared to fill any darkness.

How to get there? Try to appreciate this time for what it is: a time of not feeling like your 'normal' self.

If you'd have stayed as you were [past tense, since you're in 'transformation mode' already], you'd have been separating yourself from who you're becoming. Hey, don't take it from me. Take it from Tony Robbins, if that works better for you. He's probably one of the hugest proponents of taking people out of their comfort zones as a means of helping them change their patterns and - ultimately - moving them forward.

Even if you've just ended a 'good' relationship, you've in effect taken yourself out of yours; your comfort zone, I mean. We come to hold beliefs about who we are based on the actions and reactions of others around us.

In effect, it can feel as though a part of you is gone. Well, it is, and it isn't. Every relationship we're in reflects something about ourselves. This is about replacing that other person with someone who has something even better to offer you.

(I imagine that those of you who've had great partners to this point and are confused about why you've amicably separated [it's happening to many of us] are saying, "Wha'?!")

The next person to come along isn't someone outside of yourself. The person who'll be that for you - the only person who can - is You. You could say that you're replacing your old self with an upgrade.

Even if you can say that other person has been brilliantly good for you,/your growth to this point, staying with them would perpetuate perspectives about yourself that will hold you where you are. By staying with them, you'd have been consigning yourself to limitation. And if you've been with someone who hasn't been brilliantly good for you, hey, even better - it makes it that much easier to realise /accept it's an aspect of yourself you don't need any longer!

Make the most of this time of self-contemplation, and you'll inevitably find things will soon return to 'normal' (a new one, mind you).

Where to go from here? Shifts and adjustments are inevitably happening. Puzzle pieces are falling into place (the operative word being 'falling', as that's how effortless it can be).


You won't have to actively search or strive for ('it'); everything will come to you. Because you'll be more aware of your own Light, you'll start receiving different people and relationships to you, energy exchanges that better resonate with who (and what) you're coming to realise yourself to Be.

The world - in fact, the Universe - needs you. In effect, you're recruiting yourself as its leader. Consider whatever pains of apparent separation you're feeling 'birth pains'.

In the grandest sense of it, you are the creator, creating yourself. Taking the liberty of speaking on behalf of your own Heart (the Überverse itself), I say with all sincerity: you're a Joy and a Blessing!

Big Medicine Love to YOU
~ Black Feather

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