Sunday, August 29, 2010

Horse Medicine for Healers - Are you riding the travois?

Horse medicine symbolizes your great compassion for - and ability to help - people/humankind on both a physical and spiritual level. Horse is all about power in giving, as they offered themselves to carry people and their burdens. Horse medicine people enable others to travel further than they could ever possibly go on their own.

A lot of healers embody Turkey medicine (~giving to benefit the whole), but while Turkey is a truly beautiful medicine to have, remember that horses are there to carry the burdens. Horse medicine works best when you show people where the horses are, and how to get on them themselves. Otherwise, you’ve put them on your own horse; they’re guiding it, and you’re left riding the bumpy travois (or walking alongside, in which case, you‘re not in a position to help anyone roam freely)! Consider for a moment how likely it is that the person you’ve come to aid has right Horse medicine themselves. If you thought that they needed to be carried in the first place, do you really want them leading you both? Because of your compassion, you may be tempted to carry other people’s burdens/medicines for them, but there are plenty of horses to go around! (And if you`re not convinced by that, take a look at the travois; can you imagine how grumpy you`d get after bumping along on that sucker after a few hours? …and how much good would you be to anyone then?)

To use your gifts/talents most effectively (for the good of all mankind, which includes your own deserving self, by the way!), use your boundless compassionate energy to help people in the best way you can: by using your horse to catch and bring another horse to someone who could use one (i.e. their own). Sacrificing yourself for others helps no one. Carrying medicine for someone else certainly doesn’t help them (I‘ll say it as often as necessary: they need it for themselves). Although their/our personal medicines/struggles seem like a negative thing, they’re the gift that we give ourselves in life to help us become our most evolved self. If you tried to get under a wobbly foal to support it because it was struggling to walk, would it ever learn to run? How much more exciting would it be for you and everyone you love (which is everyone) to be exploring on horses together, riding Fast, riding Far, riding Powerfully?

If your heart brings to mind a friend(s) who would find this information helpful, send Pigeon medicine (by clicking on the appropriate link below) to carry the message to them!

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