Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peacock on Manifestation

Balance is essential to manifestation, but do you think Peacock consciously considers/worries whether his male and female aspects are balanced? Does he look at himself and say, “I’m the ’showy’ one. As conventional wisdom would have it, I must be the male - it’s good for attracting a mate, and to lure predators away from the creation we hatch together. But, hmmm…. looking at myself, my colours, my shimmer, this ‘tiara’ on my head… I’m awfully ‘pretty‘. Am I confused?” Peacock looks around for clarity; his eyes go down to his feet stirring up the dusty ground. They’re so ugly that they’re funny to him, and He lets out his screechy laugh. And now that his attention is on his connection to the Earth-ground, he sees he’s been doing too much thinking, and not enough ‘feeling/experiencing/BE-ing’.

Peacock sends out his raucous call to encourage pro/creation, just as Great Spirit continuously calls us to co-create. He projects his desire through the ether, and by His desire, a space - a vacuum / a void - is created. His etheric desire holds medicine-space for the physical womb of creation.

Peacock flashes the brilliance of the gifts that he himself was created to embody. He dances the dance of courtship, an exhaltation of the coming together of the etheric properties of Father Sky with the grounded physicality of Mother Earth. Here there is a message to celebrate the attributes gifted to us by Great Spirit. Who are we to say that we should shy away from displaying them, that these gifts should be hidden? Who are we to say that we’re unworthy of carrying them, or - worse yet, perhaps - that the gifts themselves are not good enough? Display your natural talents as being from/of Great Spirit. Bring your inspirations into physical experience for all to enjoy by practicing ‘show-being-ship’!

Peacock doesn’t have a picture in his mind about what’s going to happen. He doesn‘t need to see his intended creation in full form for it to come into existence. He needs only to put his desire out into the world, and then just naturally BE as he IS. He’s in the moment, his excitement building, his heart pumping. There are communications taking place far beyond what Peacock (or any other observer, for that matter) can see physically. Once the call has been put out, Creation is on automatic.

In the same way, we put out our own call, and our hearts start transmitting, simultaneously/instantaneously recognizing and interacting with the energy flowing in and from nature (/the physical world). The Joy of creation is pumping outside our bodies in sync with the blood/life-force that’s pumping inside our bodies. Responding to our innate urge to create, our hearts are pro/creating (with) the physical world around us.

After the pro/creation process, Peacock loses his tail. There’s always death with creation - there’s always death with pro-creation. When we exercise our muscles, we - in fact - damage them. They recognize that they’re damaged, and send the signal for energy to flow to them to build them up - they build up even stronger than they were originally to prepare us for our next experiences. It’s only by exercising our hearts that they get Bigger. It’s through exercising our creative-heart abilities that we exercise our manifesting abilities. Peacock grows a new tail afterwards, more magnificent than the last. We need a rest after creating this way (and any time we create) so that - like ‘stressed’/damaged muscles, we, too, can build back up stronger, faster, Bigger. Our bodies follow Earth’s natural rhythms. Once we set our hearts on pumping out our desires, we needn’t occupy our minds with stresses about ‘how’ and ‘when’; let them go like Peacock loses his tail.

Peacock’s eyes point towards the back of its head. It suggests that you look to the dreams and desires that you may have put to the back of your mind, and then - in whatever screechy voice you can muster - put your desire for creation out into the world. Do your dance. Show off your Divinely gifted attributes. Have fun doing it. And then either stop thinking, or observe and destroy that which would keep you from your Divine creation-mission. Peacock kills snakes. Don‘t allow Snake (in this case, your limited beliefs about how earth-bound/limited you are) to tempt you from your Divine path. Stop thinking and let your presence emmanate; let your heart do what it does.

Peacock’s eyes don’t only point to the back of its small head, they point forward… let your eyes look to what’s in front of you, to what your call for manifestation lays in front of you on your Path. The Universe will present a sign that your creation is unfolding. Watch for signs of the manifestation of Your own creations. This is a call to BE true to your nature. By your very nature, you are a creative BEing. When you see Peacock without a tail, you also have in your mind’s eye - in your reality - an image of the resplendent tail to come, in full colour. Allow yourself to BE your Divine self - allow yourself to BE Peacock in all your glory!

If your heart brings to mind a friend(s) who would find this information helpful, send Pigeon medicine (by clicking on the appropriate link below) to carry the message to them!

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