Friday, August 20, 2010

Armadillo Medicine

Armadillo's medicine is built-in, and so is ours. Hers is in the form of protective plating, and ours is Love. Yes, that's what I said, Love...

Armadillo on Love... A couple of people have expressed concerns to me lately that they've been victims of psychic attacks. Since channeling The Chief, it's my understanding that it's not that the other person 'invades' us in any way, but that we willingly take on other people's pain, grief, anxiety, etc, in a loving (but perverted) attempt to help carry their load for them. I say 'perverted' because, as beings built on Love, we've been misguided to believe that carrying another's pain is a loving act. We create energetic conduits to others when we allow ourselves to feel lower-frequency emotions on their behalf like pity and anger; creating these conduits allows us to carry their pain in what we assume is a charitable act (incidentally, we do this both for people we Love as well as for people we supposedly hate - I'll write more about that later). Don't hold other people's pain for them - difficult to understand, perhaps, but they need it themselves for personal transformation. Love them (and yourself) enough to let them have their own medicine. Let your built-in Armadillo medicine work the way it's designed to. Be compassionate, sure; do whatever you're invited to do as far as helping people to heal themselves, but otherwise, let their medicine bounce off your 'Love-shield'.

'Overusing' her medicine / Armadillo on abundance... Do you think Armadillo walks around fussing and fretting about what's going to attack her, or does she spend her day foraging around for yummy snacks? I vote 'yummy snacks'. I've learned that, when you spend life curled up in a ball, you don't get to appreciate life's treats (it's hard to see them when you're curled into such a ball that all you can see is your own butt). You don't actually even feel very safe either, because you spend all your time worried about why yummy snacks aren't crossing your palate. By the way, the words 'yummy snacks' can be substituted for anything else you desire, be it Love, friendship, material abundance, or whatever else you'd like to fill in the blank with.

Don't think for a second that utilizing Armadillo medicine makes you an unfeeling little military tank. She has a highly sensitive nose. She has a soft underbelly. Just as Armadillo's armour is ridged like a radiator (or a radio coil), it's there to both protect you and to allow you to radiate (and transmit)... radiate Love. And while I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, tell me they're not adorable! And I haven't even mentioned my favourite Armadillo attributes yet... they're well equipped for digging (read: getting under the surface of things) and they can cross streams by walking across the bottom... medicine for setting healthy, loving boundaries and the ability to handle diverse environments!

If your heart brings to mind a friend(s) who would find this information helpful, send Pigeon medicine (by clicking on the appropriate link below) to carry the message to them!

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  1. Thank you very much for your insights into Armadillo Medicine. A very helpful article a big lesson for me is retaining the control of my personal power & allowing others in. I either give myself away to my own detriment or I am completely closed off & rigid. I am yet to find that balance which Armadillo Medicine seems fitting for this lesson. Love & Thanks from Australia <3