Thursday, September 12, 2013

Your Guardian Angel Wants You to Have an Orgasm



So they can communicate with you easier.

If you think masturbation is simply an animalistic, self-centred pleasure, think again. Sex, especially when ('done'? 'performed'?) experienced by yourself opens you to your Guardian Angel's messages.

One of the ways it does that is by stilling the chatter in your mind. Let's face it, as you're having an orgasm, you're not exactly capable of thinking about anything else, are you? Whether male or female, we all get caught up in things that concern us; we're predisposed to preoccupy ourselves with things we feel we have to 'do'. Masturbation can automatically bring us into balance - it opens us to our capacity for Receiving as much as our propensity towards giving /'doing'.

(Sex in general) helps us to enjoy and be in the 'Now' moment. There's the blissful emotional and physical enjoyment of it (at least, I sincerely hope it's that way for you), but there's also a bonus, in that it balances out our energy such that we're better enabled to give to the world in a much more grounded and centred way.

Sexual energy is a powerful expression of our creative force. Your physical body is a medium. Orgasm activates your chakras, your lower ones especially, your creative and manifesting centres. Allowing your sexual energy to flow causes your creative energy to flow. It connects us to our own Divinity in the sense that it strengthens our intimate connection to the energetic Universe in a profoundly powerful way.

If your third eye is somewhat open to begin with, clearing out your energy system through orgasm can stimulate greater clarity in that respect. For others though, it's the tantric stimulation of the chakras that help facilitate communication. Through empowering this connection, you make it easier for messages to manifest in (what you perceive as being) your physical surroundings.

Following an orgasm, keep your awareness open for signs and synchronicities, in whatever way your guides might communicate to you. Whether it's via a poster, a radio conversation you overhear, a found object, a cloud formation; whatever it is, keep your awareness open for messages from your Guardian Angel, both immediately after an orgasm and for the next day or two.

If you're experiencing your orgasm through sharing sex with a partner rather than alone and you intend to check in immediately afterwards to see if you're aware of any Divine Guidance, maybe let your partner know ahead of time that you might seem a bit 'distant' afterwards. I suppose it would hurt for you to tell them they're helping you connect to angels!

It came to mind that some of you might also have had the experience of connecting to specific spirits tantrically (in a way that feels very physical). With the practice of orgasm for receiving messages in mind, I posed the question, "Are there any dangers associated with this method of receiving communications?"

As puzzling as what came was to me at first, I trust what messages I'm given. I was assuming beforehand that I'd receive something about making sure your messages are actually from your Guardian Angel, and not from some other entity trying to take advantage of your juicy energy, but what I was guided to communicate as a more pertinent danger is: "working too hard".

On the one hand, I take it to mean that working to hard will kill you much faster than enjoying (safe) sex will! Hahaha! But also, 'don't try too hard'. Allow answers to come to you, rather than chase after them. It's kind of the whole point of the method.

I was also provided with an astral vision, to go along with what I've been guided to write about here:

white collar
(becomes) origami bird /wings

In other words, if you need a way to relax from your 'work' (or whatever it is that gets you fired up), you could try origami, but sex will give you wings!

And hey, if it's possible this can help develop your intuitive gifts, is it going to hurt to try?

If you have an orgasm and still find yourself frustrated (in receiving messages, I mean), I'd be more than happy to help (my reception works regardless): Meet Your Guardian Angel

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather 


  1. Thank you for this information! It cleared up so much for me while also creating a multitude of new questions. I think I've been connecting to spirit sexually my whole life...sometimes to the light and sometimes to the dark. Is there a way to control who/what I connect with when I'm intimate like this?

  2. Yes, you can control who /what you connect with when you're intimate, but it might not be in the way you'd think. Actually and ironically, I suppose you could say it actually IS in the way you'd think, because it's by exploring what information your egoic mind might be falsifying/ what truths it's keeping you in denial about. Like when we're addicted to something, for instance, our egoic mind (consciously or unconsciously) convinces us there are benefits to be had, even though our health and wellbeing – and the wellbeing of others connected to us – can be falling apart.

    A question to ask yourself is: is who /what you're choosing to connect with helping you fall into Love, or lust? (...and the litmus test for THAT is: does it 'bring together' or does it separate?)

    Last piece of advice: connect with a spirit that's conquered it's own fears and is without issues, insecurities and /or emotional baggage (rather than one that's – consciously or unconsciously – denying them to itself and would instead play them out on you). If in doubt, use a mirroring technique to send it's energy back onto itself... if it's a 'bad' energy, it'll burn itself out (essentially); if it's a 'good' energy, well, that can only be a good thing, can't it?

    Wishing you Every good thing :)

  3. I find it quite difficult in finding who my spirit guide/guardian angel might be. Any tips?

  4. The answer I was provided was for you to meditate on "bullying". You'll find your guardian angel there :)

    If you feel you need more help (with this, or something else), I recommend emailing me at blackfeathermedicine(at) instead, as I rarely use this blog now.