Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Healing the Waters of Japan: creating an ‘antidote-frequency’ wave

'Rainbow Wave' image courtesy of Teri Gilfilen
It’s so easy to be angry about what’s happening as a result of Fukushima. If you could use your energy to remedy the situation, would you?

Our anger arises out of helplessness, but are we helpless, or do we just perceive ourselves as being so? People are Hugely capable energetic beings, YOU being one of them!

Just telling the-powers-that-be that they should do things differently isn’t in and of itself going to get it done, and neither are well-intentioned physical efforts, not if a significant segment of mankind continues unconsciously being led by motivations that don’t truthfully serve the planet and humanity.

I heal people with what it is that I do in my healing vocation. And while I’m aware that healing ourselves as individuals does indeed bring healing to Gaia, myself and many others have been hearing a Divine calling to help “bring healing to the waters of Japan”.

How to do this ‘Big Work’? For my part, I’m to do a vision quest and create a ‘script’ from it that can be used to produce a frequency cancellation wave to counteract the impulses that have been causing these harmful, self-destructive actions. What you follow up with from there is between you and Spirit.

Simply reading – in other words, 'observing' – an antidote-frequency script like the one that follows will cause your mind to create the energetic impulses needed to produce the desired cancellation wave. As an Immensely powerful energetic being, what you project out into the Universe as a result of this experience will have an affect on said Universe.

In the next day following (two at the most), notice any environmental ‘good news’ or related synchronistic events that come into the sphere of your experience, as confirmation of positive change taking place. ACCEPT what’s presented as a gift, AND SHARE it with others.

For some of you, the images this script brings up in your mind will seem silly or unrelated to the change you’d like to see happen. Consider though, that the images themselves are in a way actually irrelevant; it’s the resulting frequencies that you’ll be transmitting that are of significance, and they will be slightly different for each person. While this is a collective undertaking, every individual makes a unique, Essential contribution.

[If you’d like more information on how this process works, you’ll find a description of how it applies (on an individual level) in this article:]

Here’s the script that’s been channelled to me. Whether you’re inclined to just read the words, make a recording of them and play it back to yourself, or do both simultaneously [preferred] is up to you (sing and /or dance them, if you’re moved to!); you Know best!…

black man /woman with a lei around her neck,
(her) red lips,
[yellow] kerchief wrapped ‘round her head

fish mouth (no,) tube of many cigarettes (~ ‘toxic’)

they’re burning
in the flames, a (divine) being, reaching round, enwrapping all


(give:) “thanks for the help”

What to do next? Use your intuitive abilities in whatever way you’re feeling Called to. What you have to offer is Much needed! If you don’t feel confident about that, contact me, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you ‘out’.

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather (aka David J. Nagy)

PLEASE SHARE this article in whatever way you are guided to. Help it find it’s way to whomever it needs to reach.

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