Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things are About to Take Off for You: an antidote frequency

(In the past,) I've never been a fan of 'blanket' or 'broadcast' readings, where someone publishes a reading that's intended for masses of people. Generally, I feel that they're not specific enough to meet the individual needs of whomever might be reading it. But that doesn't give Spirit or the person viewing it (guess who?) much credit does it? Consider this an apology to You, first and foremost, and to Spirit, for me holding back on making contributions like this before.

While this actually started out as a private reading I did for someone, we agreed that I should post it here to make it accessible to others, as an assist to raising the consciousness of the planet, and to help with Your ascension!

It contains a description of imagery that will create an antidote frequency, to help clear up a vibrational pattern that has been limiting many of us. To give you some idea of what that means (if you haven't already read it,) here's a link to an earlier post that'll describe what an antidote- or cancellation-frequency is:

What is this particular antidote frequency intended to counteract?

...difficulty meditating or fully relaxing /anxiety inability to deeply connect with your guides and angels ...difficulty in valuing or getting the most out of 'alone' time.

How did this issue /situation manifest?

...forgetting your Angelic self and that you're surrounded by Angelic presences ...difficulty appreciating yourself as one (/an Angelic being).

What's been the influence that's precipitated this situation?

...feeling as though it's only connection to another physical person that makes you complete, that someone else can provide you with (or is) the answer to your dreams ...feeling as though your needs will not be met except by another person or unless you're in a relationship with another person [regardless of whether you're presently in a relationship or not].

What are the words /images that will create the desired cancellation /antidote frequency?

[If you'd rather hear the script in audio format, request it by email, and I'll send it to you (I'd appreciate a small donation in exchange, but I'll leave that to your discretion). Otherwise, I'd recommend making a recording of it using your own voice, and then listening to it with eyes closed to help you visualize. All that said, simply reading the words themselves will still be effective for the majority of people that choose to participate. In whatever way you're guided to experience it, Know and Trust that that's what your soul needs.]

Here's a description of the imagery as it was shown to me: 

monkey /dog (nose) face
an energy thought bubble of wavy lines coming from it
(In it,)
...a bone-shaped rawhide chew-toy turning the page
Interestingly, Monkey (as a totem) is a reassurance that - regardless of whatever minor disturbances might seem to happen - 'everything's going to be alright'.

Dog is a devoted companion, but in its contrary medicine, can represent an unhealthy loyalty or reliance on another /others.

Your nose is connected to your intuition, and being able to discern for yourself 'what smells good to you or what smells bad to you'. In other words, you can trust yourself and what you Know, rather than relying on the need to follow where someone else's nose is leading them (not only are they leading the both of you, but guess what'll be right in front of your nose? That's right; you don't get to know as much about what's ahead as much as you do about the 'dog' in front of you. "Nice bum, chum! Where 'ya from?!" That said, dogs do learn an immense amount of information about other dogs that way! Hahahaha! Don't think I'm laughing at you, I'm mostly laughing because I'm taking this medicine to heart myself!

Perhaps I should clarify that I'm not for one moment suggesting that everyone should be forever single or that relationships aren't valuable. There are Treasures to be had that our relationships have and will continue to prepare us for. While I haven't looked into exactly what you'll find on your 'next page', I hope you're as excited about what's there as I am!

Where to go from there /here?

You've got Good things coming to you! That's where to go from here!

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

p.s. as I mentioned at the outset, this is a 'general' reading. After I originally did the vision quest for the imagery for the person this antidote-frequency was intended for, I realised that - with what I've been experiencing in my own lifedream recently - what was revealed would be immensely helpful to me as well (and it has been). When I took a second look, additional images were tacked onto the first ones that were specifically fine-tuned to my own personal energies. If you'd like a more detailed antidote-frequency /reading for yourself, you can access it using the link that follows. While I have no doubt that the one that's presented above will still be of benefit to you, if you're guided to follow through on it, I suggest that it's (and You are) Worth a Look!

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