Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life is Music: but what if your theme song Doesn't fit your movie?

All ‘things’ are energy. In the case of (seemingly) physical objects, our senses give the illusion of form to those energies, and the form they take depends on what frequency the energies are vibrating at and how our senses perceive them.

When I say All things, that includes our conscious and unconscious thoughts. In fact, what you perceive as being your life is an expression of frequencies, like a song. Whatever melodies your own energy puts out into the world will translate into what appears to you as the production of your perceived reality.

Actions you take and conscious thoughts you have constitute notes, but your song is also made up of residual notes from (things like) past life experiences. In other words, many of the notes being played are ones that you’re not consciously aware of, and this ‘noise’ can alter the show by creating things you might not want in your dreamed-of theatrical production – the curtains don’t open when they’re supposed to, none of the other performers are where you’d want them to be, and the box office isn’t drawing!

When a movie or play starts, you typically notice the music of the theme song, but as the show continues, your attention is drawn to whatever actions and forms are in front of your eyes. Your brain still hears the soundtrack and is influenced by it, but it’s been relegated to that etheric cauldron of don’t-need-to-pay-attention-any-more, and you stop consciously hearing it.

That melody that you don’t hear in your life energetically affects not only what appears, but the Quality of your experience. If it has discordant notes in it or if musicians in the orchestra pit are playing from a page of a previous (~ past life) production, you won’t be aware of it. It can ‘bring the house down’, but not in a good way!

Sure you can mitigate the effects of negative thoughts as you become aware of them by changing where you’ll allow them to draw your attention, but what to do about these notes playing in your lifedream’s soundtrack that you’re not aware of? How do you get everyone playing on the same score?

What to do?

If you haven’t heard of noise-cancellation technology, this picture gives a basic run-down of how it works:

If you play a frequency of an opposite wavelength (~ ‘anti-noise’) against the noise you don’t want, the effect of that unwelcome noise gets cancelled out.

Okay, great, but how to do that with your life?

Create an anti-noise – or ‘frequency cancellation’ – wave for it.

…? Okay, whatever – same question!

As I alluded to earlier, frequencies you’re no longer ‘hearing’ from past lives (among other things) affect this one. As concerns the stuff you’ve carried over that isn’t doing you any favours, you can have someone recall what’s in those past lives that might be screwing things up for you, but it won’t do just to hear a description of events (personally, I’ve always had a bit of a cheese on for past life readers who tell you ‘you were this person, you lived here, you did this, and then this happened’, without providing you the means to actually resolve anything). The issue being, unless you totally change your karmic intentions based on what they reveal (not any easy thing to do), hearing a litany of your past lives isn’t likely to do anything for you. In all likelihood, it’ll actually amplify the undesired wave.

But if you receive a reading done with the intent of creating that anti-noise wave, you can mitigate its effects. Now, wouldn’t something like that be Worth a Look?!

Because your angels and soul-guides have the Divine where-with-all to Know exactly what will uniquely work for you, having such a reading done can present you with information that will translate into the desired anti-noise score for you.

That said, it doesn’t matter whether the information you’re presented with in a reading is actually in the form of sound. After all, it is all energy. Reading an anti-noise script to yourself will cause your mind to create the energetic impulses needed to produce the desired cancellation wave. And hey, if it’s entertaining in the process, that can’t be a bad thing, now can it?

In my humble opinion, I believe your show’s due for a blockbuster run. People are already lined up, expecting to hear the sound of music!

You’re the director. Cue the orchestra; draw the curtain?

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Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

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