Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Gratitude ‘Love Boat’: free yourself!

This post actually started out as a Soul-Medicine reading that I did for someone. There is information about a relevant past life of hers woven into it as well, though I’ve been nudged to edit it a little. The message from Spirit was a simple one, really. That said, it can be a most difficult one to understand, probably because it’s so simple. Apparently, I was to communicate information about ‘Gratitude’…

Most people attach the word ‘giving’ with ‘Gratitude’, as though it’s some form of action. Well, it isn’t. Feeling that you have to ‘work’ at giving gratitude is a concept borne out of an outworn paradigm, and it’s a drain on your power.

No one can sell you anything unless you’re convinced that you need to be or do something different. If I were the cosmetics industry for example, I’d be trying to tell you that you’re somehow not ‘enough’; the ultimate motivation being that I’m able to line my pockets. In the case of cosmetics, it’s disingenuous. And as concerns the ‘act’ of Gratitude, it’s disingenuous as well.

There’s no "Law of -" sales pitch coming here – Gratitude is something that’s entirely intrinsic to our Nature.

Our bodies, our beings, our spirit, automatically want to be in a relationship of Gratitude (actually, they already Are, but let’s go with this as a premise for now). It’s only that our minds – our egos – are not aware that this behind-the-scenes Love-Fest is just that ‘normal’ to us. In truth, all we need ‘do’ is allow for its existence.

For example, we want the tree- and plant-spirits to know how much we appreciate our ongoing symbiotic exchange. We want the star-stuff that provides us our bodies to know that we’re grateful for the embodied, interactive experience it facilitates. And (for those of us who are ‘water-talkers’ especially) we desire that water-spirits receive our signals of Blessed recognition (the communication of which they actually help make possible). Etc, etc, etc.

There is indeed a constant flow – or for all intents and purposes, a constant potentially ‘full’ flow – happening all the time. The kink in the chain, if there is one (and there is), is within our egos and our ‘conscious’ minds. I emphasize ‘conscious’ because, well, for ninety-nine percent of us, it’s a misnomer. There are indeed many strong influences actively working on thwarting our conscious energetic output by circumventing it towards erroneous thinking.

For instance, an intergenerational influence from an ancestral spirit might be influencing us towards believing we have to Fight to earn respect – in another sense, that spirit could be another past incarnation of ourselves, a soul-fragment we’ve left behind.

In the case of the woman whom this Soul-Medicine reading was initially for, one of her soul-fragments was still in chains in a past incarnation: a male prisoner, being taken by boat to be sold as a slave. His situation felt especially unfair to him because he was in love. Feeling that the longer he stayed on the boat the less were his chances of ever seeing his beloved again, he attempted an escape.

There was an aspect of the story that involved someone being knocked unconscious, but Spirit suggested it wasn’t necessary to know whether it happened to him or to someone else. In any case, the relevance of the karma that was caused to play out echoes a desired ‘escape’ from restrictions on consciousness in this woman’s present incarnation, as well as a desire for the emancipation of others, Gratitude-consciousness being one component of that. As was her escape in that life, this Divine mission of hers is also motivated by Love, in part facilitated by the sharing of her story.

As I was saying, there are many unseen influences that inhibit this flow of Gratitude. Many (but not all) can be described as being manipulative in that respect, but the truth of the matter is that they’re – to all intents and purposes – receiving Divine instruction to do so. The irony of it is that they don’t even know it; you could say that they’re unconscious in that respect. For the sake of simplicity, it’s helpful to think of them as ‘dark angels’.

Send a thought message out to whatever dark angels might be putting constraints on your own consciousness. Let them know that they’ve served their purpose, but/ and that their time here is done, and send them on their way. They’ll move on (or be moved on) to create another space for Love and Gratitude somewhere on the edges of Creation where there isn’t one in existence yet.

Get on with your natural tendency of Allowing the space they’ve created and vacated to be filled in. Allow the Body, Spirit, and Mind (/ ~Consciousness) connections to All link together, as Love intended.

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

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