Saturday, February 23, 2013

How will I get along (without it)?

How will I get along without (choosing to) worry about the future? What if the worry isn’t necessary? Having lived this way, will I feel foolish?

Realising that I wouldn’t now do some of the things that I look back in regret over, what will my world be like as a result of my choice to no longer berate myself for those things /actions /beliefs?

Will I be able to accept blissfulness without the drama that is my mind’s tendency?

How will I get along, if I accept what appears to be happening at any given moment as being what my soul desires of /for me?

How to get along and appreciate the moment without experiencing as boredom those times of ‘nothing magical (or otherwise exciting) seems to be happening right now’?

Will I begin celebrating even adversity in my life the way I do other things that come into my experience that seem at a (safe) distance from me, some of which I’ve been labelling ‘entertainment’? Would I even know what to do with that; how to live that way?

What if my sense of awareness seems to tell me that I’m not separate, that I’m intimately connected to nature and all the rest of physical existence? What if it opens me up to love, energy and awareness of Self that I’ve never experienced before?

What if I can relax into the nature of my own being, just as I see that Nature does, and rest in the realisation that I am constant, amidst all catharses, times of stillness, changes and incarnations, centred, at ease, cool and calm?

How will I exist, having let go of expectations of myself and others, and welcoming in acceptance and appreciation of the miracle of what Is in the moment; to recognize that regardless of apparent circumstances, I am Home, wherever – and just as – I Am?

How will I understand myself, appreciating my relationships for how they’re supporting my soul’s journey to become whole? …when I give and receive love freely, without basing my sharing of it on expectation or need?

Rather than fretting over how to get along with or without a certain material thing /experience, what if I consider how it is that I might get along with or without my attachment to said thing? That’s not a world that my mind has suggested I believe is ‘real’ or ‘possible’, even, to this point.

What if I ask similar questions of every other dissatisfaction, discomfort, dis-ease, or displeasure (etc.) that I’m otherwise inclined to feel?

And in the practice of that, how will I get along without the stress of asking myself all these questions?

Much Big Love,
Black Feather

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