Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Cowboy in The Big Reveal

While this portrait contained a pre-emptive warning to the subject about a person who was about to show up in her life (represented here as the cowboy), it also included a lot of information that you might at first glance think was superfluous, as concerns what was motivating him to act the way that he would (/did), for instance. For the most part, this was shown in the form of representations of people who’d passed over and were active in spirit around him, significant relationships /associations that were affecting him (the priest, for example), as well as references to incidents of emasculation in his early life and how they’d shaped his behaviour. While he did, indeed, come into the subject’s life shortly after we’d consulted over her portrait (and by his actions caused considerable mayhem), Spirit suggested the inclusion of these details as a means of eliciting compassion, for the subject towards ‘Cowboy’, as well as towards herself. Other details were there to show her the intentions behind the soul /life lessons she’d encounter(ed) as a result of his presence. Being able to recognize our innate tendency towards compassion – regardless of how circumstances might appear on the surface – brings us closer to our natural state of (blissful) being and connects us, whereas allowing our minds to lead us towards a perspective that’s contrary to compassion and induces suffering elicits greater egoic separation.

We don’t come into our earthly incarnations for ‘easy’. Inevitably, our experiences include highs and lows, both. Why not make the most of them? Contact me to illustrate your own intuitive portrait, to help you benefit from information relevant to your soul’s journey as presented in your present and past life experiences. I’d be delighted to help you with insights into who you’ve been, who you’re becoming, what soul agreements the other spirits and people in your life are fulfilling, as well as help you to release yourself from what karma you might be accruing – transmute what your perception suggests to you are burdens into experiences worth celebrating.

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