Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wanna know some Secrets?... about secrets that you've hidden from your self ?

Would you like to know, for instance, why you have a certain anxiety? ...the reasons behind why you're sooo stressed? ...information about a challenging relationship or illness? ...and how about being able to know how to get past it??


As most of us do, when you incarnated into your present life, you likely forgot about all that came before. Your past lives and the spirit energies accompanying you in this one have a tremendous influence on your relationships, circumstances, feelings and behaviours!

In truth, we don't come into this life for 'easy' (the majority of us, at least!); we come here to learn, and to grow as souls. Truth be told, in this particular physical experience, we actually learn best through adversity. That said, is this your time to receive a little help? Is this your time to enlist a hand up so that you can move forward?

A clairvoyant reading is a GREAT way to access treasures previously hidden to you.

Move into your personal power by revealing essential things that you've 'forgotten' about yourself !

Contact Black Feather for an insightful, illuminating psychic reading to reveal your own unique secrets now!


Come with questions, leave with answers!

Big Medicine Love to You!!

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