Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Return of Innocence

When requested, I do Shaman's Earthwalks for specific people, but this one (done in the countryside near Budapest, where I am at present) may have been more of an 'open message', if you will. For the fact that you're reading this, though, my suggestion is that you consider that you co-created it as a 'message to self '...

Before heading out, I asked for a guide to accompany me, and Salmon presented. Because salmon have that amazing natural ability to return to the waters in which they were born, I took its appearance as both a reassurance that I would intuitively know which way to go, and that keeping my eye out for bodies of water wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Having never been in the area before, I asked my hosts if there were any creeks or rivers in the vicinity. My (lovely) neice pointed me in the general direction of a local lake, and I headed out. After just a couple of blocks, though, I caught sight of the village water tower looming through the fog... 'Water from above', I thought?

I continued on, making mental notes of the signs I saw along the way. As per usual when I do a grouse walk (and as much as I could), I left off interpretation until after the walk was completed.

I walked past the tower (north: the direction suggesting completion of a cycle in life, wisdom to be gained, and guidance) and up a narrow dirt road running alongside a massive field of (harvested) corn stalk stubs. I saw a couple of kill sites, likely where a resident hawk had taken pigeons, and some blue-coloured (discarded) items, both of which are - for me, personally - reassurances that I'm on the path intended.

I saw corn in small, spilled piles that I presumed had fallen off farming/harvesting equipment as it had turned onto the road from the adjacent field. Corn can represent gold, wealth and riches. By the fact that it was spilled and left, the suggestion was that something valuable (and 'sustaining') had been lost along the journey. Whose journey, I wondered... mine? yours? ours?

I actually saw quite a few discarded items, only some of which my inner knowing suggested were relevant. There were empty drink/water bottles, for instance (~ a thirst for spiritual connection, for the answers from spirit that will quench that thirst and restore energy and creativity), and a vacuum cleaner (~ attempting to clean up a mess, likely involving someone who has hurt you - your vital energy having been sucked away).

Then there was the sound of a pheasant. I heard it, but couldn't see it (through the thick fog). Pheasant most often represents issues associated with 'ego'. I usually take Pheasant's appearance as a sign of (a need for) movement through who we're taught to believe we are to a realisation of who/what we actually are.

A woodpecker came from the direction of a transmission line that ran through the cornfield. It flew along the road a short ways and then into the woods. That made it pretty clear which way to go!

As I'd mentioned, I'd never been to the area before, but I knew I needed to head into the woods that were in front of me. Just to be on the safe side, I took a compass bearing to get an idea of which way the road ran, and then headed in. Not far along, I found two (white) plastic bags with what looked like dark, bloodied forms inside. I opened them, and found five tiny, 'discarded' black puppies. As much as I recognize a responsibility to be non-judgemental as a messenger, I had to fight to keep my heart from dropping through my chest. I stayed for a while, sending energy and a prayer, including gratitude for the sign I was given. It seemed to be calling attention to lost innocence and playfulness, and perhaps a conditioned loyalty that (obviously) wasn't/isn't serving. Moving on...

...an underground den. Woodpecker's appearance did suggest looking beneath the surface of things...

...and an old, crumble-down homestead (a suggestion to look to the influences from a childhood home, I wondered?).

To be honest, I don't have all the answers as to the full relevance of the messages that presented on this particular walk. Partially, I believe, it's an issue of 'permission'. It seems to me that these were intended as pieces of a bigger jigsaw, the missing pieces of which you yourself may (or may not 'yet') want to investigate. If you feel that you'd appreciate some help, though, I'd be more than delighted to accompany you on the journey you're undertaking, shapeshift your old reality, and help you move into awareness of your future self!

For the moment at least, I'll pass on the two signs that followed...

...I caught a brief glimpse of a running deer: a note to be gentle with yourself...

...birds singing, and (late-season) pink flowers. While I have much to say about those as a signs, I'll leave it in your BigMedicine hands (for now, at least). No need to look for an other angel to drop out of the sky; the messages, the encouragement, the Love you seek... it's all around you. It is you.

Big Medicine Love to You

Black Feather

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