Thursday, June 23, 2011

Opening to Abundance: I Heard the Word "Chocolate"

I listened in on a webinar a while back during which I had the opportunity to participate in a divine guidance meditation for connecting to your higher self. Being more clairvoyant than clairaudient, I was a little skeptical as to whether the format would work for me or not, but I committed to giving it a try. For my first go-round, I asked my higher self to help me with what I could do to bring some immediate financial abundance into my life, and heard the word “chocolate” (clearly, I might add). Now - as much as most people’s eyes go all spinny and they scramble to catch their drool over the mention of the word - I have to say that I’m not much of a fan of the stuff (I know… sacrilege!). I thought, “What the (*!) does that even mean?” The only reference that came to mind was of a friend of mine I’d met recently who was part-owner of a make-it-yourself chocolate business. I wondered, “Is my higher self telling me that I’m to sell chocolate?”

I figured that, since I’d come this far, I might as well follow this through at least a little further, so I picked up the phone. It turned out that my friend had just that minute been talking to his (new) flatmate’s mom about a healing that I‘d facilitated, and she had just been saying that she’d been thinking about getting one herself, but had hesitated because she was a little nervous about it. After a few short words on the phone to me, my friend thrust the phone at her - no time for nervous thoughts there! I did a healing on her the next day. I couldn’t believe how quickly acting on the message from my higher self had manifested a result, and that the answer to my request involved doing what I Love and helping someone out in the process!!

I had a few other interesting experiences with this, including these next two: one of the meditations presented me with the word “celery”, the other, “watermelon”. I thought that perhaps I was supposed to look up the symbolism of each or something, but I couldn’t think (operative word, there) of how they related, so I didn’t act on them. After that, it seemed that nothing very interesting was happening, and I let the practice go for a while. A couple of days ago, though, I tried another one. This time, I thought I heard the word “de-os”. For most of you, you’re probably thinking what I was thinking, and what I was thinking led me to thinking that I would for sure not be bothering with these meditations again!

FForward a little… For almost two weeks lately, I’d been feeling grumpy. I so wanted to be able to say that ‘grumpy’ didn’t describe me any more, and it hasn‘t, for years now, but there. it. was. I do realize that it’s a symptom of inner resistance. The way I tried to look at it (and who can do that in the moment anyway?) is that, “If I’m ‘this’ grumpy - it must be something really juicy that I’m about to let go of!”

I pulled some animal medicine cards for guidance. They gave me the message that I was blocked by some early subconscious programming related to money/‘work’ beliefs, and that I needed to teach my inner child to have faith that life could be fun again (no kidding?). Then I asked for a suggestion on my next best option for ‘what to do’, and Raven came up - upside down, that is. Raven is primarily about magic. The card - being contrary - suggested that I’d forgotten the magic of life. To right the medicine, the suggestion was that I journey and ask Raven to help me find the magic again. Raven would help me clear my energetic blocks and teach me the proper way of using energy and grounding it so that I could use it to manifest results effectively.

With gratitude, I opened my circle. As soon as I heard the drum beats, I found myself being flown on the back of a bird really, reaaally fast. Down, down, Down I went, with The Chief at my side, saying something into my ear like, “You’re going so fast, you don’t even know where you’re going, do you?!” We went to the grey-black core of the Earth. I can’t imagine a better place for grounding energy!

Immediately afterward my journey, I happened to open an email that led me to a recording of another webinar put on by the same people who’d offered up the HSM. The theme was “Deliberate Prosperity”. A lot of it was about how to successfully apply law of attraction principles, especially about the value of emotions rather than (un-guided) action as tools to manifesting abundance. A lot of what was expressed really clicked with me; I’ve always been a huge proponent of the essential nature of our emotions as a conveyance for moving us forward on our lifedream’s path. I’d listened and read about law of attraction talks before, but my ears especially perked up for this one. At the outset of their presentation, as Eva and Jeanna gave a brief bio and overview of themselves and their business, they mentioned that their venture became “a [venture] On Steroids” when Eva introduced her non-physical guides into it. When I heard Jeanna say the name of Eva’s guides, I could swear I heard her say “de-os” (although when Eva mentioned it just after that, it was “Theos”).

My head started spinning. If it weren’t for the fact that I was sitting down, I’m sure I would’ve reached out for something to steady myself. I’d asked to be reminded of the magic in my life, and there it was!

I’d love to write more about how blown away I was (and about what happened next), but I’m going out to get some watermelon, if for no other reason than just because my inner children would enjoy it (and maybe even some celery; I think I remember enjoying it with peanut butter when I was a kid)!

Big Medicine Love to You!
~ Black Feather

If you'd like to know more about Eva and Jeanna, visit them at Abundance Abounds, and if you're inspired to sign up for one of their programs, I'd appreciate you mentioning where you heard of them - nothing better than spreading the Love around! Mwuhh!!

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  1. From my house I can see the Sandia Mountains. Sandia is the Spanish word for -----wait for it----"Watermelon!"