Monday, June 20, 2011

"taking aim with more power than physicality can achieve"

(The title and) what follows is a literal transcription/translation of some of the imagery that I continually receive as a visual stream. I subtituted each symbol I was shown with a corresponding reference/description; taken together, they read as a channeling. While I recognize how valuable this particular message is to my own personal healing journey, I’m posting it for the assistance it might provide as concerns your own self-empowerment. For those who are interested, I’ve included a description of the images that I worked from at the end of the post. For help with transcribing your own visuals (be they clairvoyant images, or dream symbolism), I highly recommend Kelly Sullivan-Walden’s book, “I Had The Strangest Dream: The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century”

higher wisdom, nobility, beauty, self-esteem, authority, prominence…
the best is yet to come

Christ consciousness directs you to divine will,
to where change, blessings and creative inspiration are coming from,
to the creative element, to going with the flow,
to unconscious wisdom you have yet to understand

are you gasping for (air? water?) feeling out of your element?

you’re being pulled, energetically,
not by what you see in front of you,
not from where it is that you’re looking,
but by the creative energy that weaves life

hidden is your true expansiveness,
your intimate connection to the Void,
a permeable door revealing the mystery
of what you’ve been
protecting(?)… your true self, thoughts and beliefs
because of a preoccupation with looking to the masculine

fall into yourself…

fall into
wealth, gold, riches
rewards for your hard work
fall into the graceful, vulnerable and flowing part of you that
dances with the winds of change

fall into
abundance, money,
being taken care of, protected,
shade from the sun,
cover from the rain,
the outer expression of your inner work,
clarity, vision, insight,
afforded by your connection to the Goddess (within)

assistance is yours for the asking;
tap into your own healing abilities,
your higher guidance,
to the realization that you’re loved, adored,
and always guided

cleanse and heal your negative thoughts or behaviours
bring yourself back into balance
pluck out negative/unsupportive thoughts, energies

let your inner girl child talk to you,
she’s a part of you that you’ve been closed to, covering,
yet you’re intimate with
let her speak with you,
as is her desire
so that you can fulfill your (buried?) desire to be intimate with others

connect with lightness of being,
with the wisdom of a higher view,
connection to a higher source

…to love, overseeing/lifting/raising healing the energy of the earth,
becoming/bringing riches and honour, romance and prosperity,
wealth, feminine beauty, healing power

bringing into being celebration,
happy times,
foretelling success

the dark energies below then seen as merely
a reflecting surface for higher communications

‘Big Words’, ‘running‘,
motivated, exuberant, passionate, excited,
prepared for the challenge/opportunity at hand,
leaving behind feelings of insecurity and inadequacy,
realizing the position, status, self-perception,
life circumstances that you previously imagined as
‘other’s shoes’

there is change in the air, in perspective

towards a balance between masculine and feminine energies,
towards a willingness to help out and do (even more than) your share,
but no longer taking on / carrying the burdens of others
the appearance of these previous exertions now seem silly, comical even

with this newfound balance,
comes intuition, angels, creativity,
the freedom of expressing your True feelings,
harmony with the universe and your soul

when you think of yourself in black and white,
you can‘t see anything for the effort of belting out your song

realize ‘softer’ thoughts

open your eyes
see beneath the surface of your personality,
into your most intimate being-ness, your esoteric knowing
read between the lines of what you’ve come to understand as your ‘self ‘
to access your angelic tools

you are a link to solutions for your brothers and sisters,
for the earth,
breathing the nourishment that is joy and laughter,
through playfulness and healing,
by your link to Great Spirit,
you carry the capacity to see negativity transmuted into joy
this is what holds your vision together

you, as your angelic self,
carrying the outward expression of your femininty,
vulnerability, softness, sensuality
these are the qualities that cleanse, that shine, that polish

the personality that’s been communicated to you
has helped you build,
has taught you,
has facilitated your healing,
(but) now you realize you’re spinning,
and it’s time to reevaluate where you expend your energy
it’s time to move forward
it’s time to reveal the calmness, strength and dignity
that you’ve been stifling,
that you’ve kept yourself from communicating

…time for major healing, transformation, ‘repair’
…healing emotional wounds, mending relationships
…changing how you communicate who/what you are

What follows is a functional description of the images I was channeled
that led to the message above:

crossbow, arched

crown? weathervane on top of/through a fish,



…pulled by the energetic strands of a spider

facial hair like an octopus-man; underneath is a dark interior screen door

a reveal

gas mask on a head, with glasses looking to the side (our left, head‘s right)

water drop

corn (with leaves), falling

eyes among the curled-down leaves

angel / spot of light

frog, limbs splayed out (dead) on tweezers?

eyes swirling, buttons, phone - (screw-on) mouthpiece


rose? lifting frog from earth, flame/corona flower opening… peony

champagne bottle, teeth/gums talking

top teeth/gums reflection on shiny dark surface below it

big teeth like shoes, running (different shoes)

(electric) fan

hippo/donkey, with cheeks puffed

bird tweeting

eyes narrowed/closed? ,soft feathers on head - young

black and white stripes across head

tweeting, singing

eye opening slightly, then goggles and big bill, aviator goggles

dolphins across goggles,

holding angel with poofed(?) dress in beak

dress as polisher

figure large/bulk, beaver/wolf head, (animal, healing) cone, two rat-like teeth


stag with muzzle?/surgical mask

Big Medicine Love to You

~ Black Feather

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