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Dragonfly Medicine: we Are our future selves

I had an experience that I would describe as ‘an energy coming in’. In a meditation I had as I sat at a lakeside garden (where there‘s an energetic portal, by the way), I saw a huge dragonfly nymph that was also a frog (at its head), crawling ever so slowly out of the water. I have to admit that I was a little freaked out by it at first. Dragonfly nymphs gave me the ‘heebie jeebies’ as a child - they covered the front (lakeside) of our house every spring. The fact that the image frightened me suggested that it was somehow related to my own power, that it was a(n unrealized) part of my self somehow. Since I believe that we’re not presented with anything we’re not ready for (spiritually, at least), and since it’s what I’d suggest if I was working with someone else (Ha!), I opened myself to its medicine…

Dragonfly nymphs are extremely voracious, and frogs are about cleansing (negative energies in particular). Put together, it suggests an entity that voraciously consumes negative energies for growth and transformation.

I believe that at this time, we’re on the earth plane to transform negative energies. To this point, they’ve helped us to grow (as nymphs, as it were), fed us to accommodate our transformation, even, but now it’s time to be aware of our capacity to utilize Frog’s cleansing medicines to clear up our illusions, to come to know the beauty of our true selves. As is reflected in nature (which is ‘us‘, by the way), this is something natural to us, something we’re built for.

Dragonfly medicine is about illusion (primarily). In this case, the illusion is in our perceptions, telling us that something is ‘ugly’ to begin with, something to be scared of. When is Dragonfly beautiful, and when is it ugly? Is it only beautiful when we see the shimmer of its wings? We are as beautiful as what we are becoming. We are our future selves.

What I describe next is (a condensed version of) how this new energy manifested in my immediate experience (I’d love to hear about yours, by the way)…

Two days after receiving that vision, I was guided to do a distance healing on someone who had a fear of flying. ’Isabelle’ had been offered an outstanding work opportunity, and was considering how/whether she’d cope with going overseas, as would be a requirement of her acceptance. We thought it might be helpful to others to describe her healing experience...

As I began to scan her, for the first time since I started my healing mission, I felt a very ‘cold’ energy. I was a little confused at first (in my experience, the best place to be). I was shown to feel above her heart, and saw a long, golden bug down the middle of her chest (in hindsight, like a really large dragonfly nymph). The coldness increased, and moved down her body. I wondered how many lifetimes ago this (’?’) had manifested for her. Without letting her on to what it was that I was questioning, I said, “I’m going to ask you a question. Tell me what comes first to your mind. How long has this been with you?”

“Nine!” she exclaimed, surprised by her reaction.

“Where are you? How do you feel?”

“I’m really scared! Someone (?) is chasing me.”

“I’m going to tell you that, even though who or what’s chasing you might seem aggressive and maybe more powerful than you, (it’s) chasing you out of its own fear.”

“I’m laying on the ground.”

I told her about an image I was given then… a (fifteen) year old girl, with reddish, matted hair (curiously, more like the thinning hair that an old woman would have), laying facedown on what looked like the outline of dragonfly wings.

I understood that this was a previous incarnation of her self, and that she was experiencing herself as though she’d already passed on (though Isabelle wasn’t necessarily conscious of it).

“Who do you want to come for you? Who do you most want to see?”

“My dad!”

At that moment, ‘The Chief ‘ came in…

“Daughter!… I’m right above you. I know you can see me. I just look like something scary to you… like a bug! Don’t be afraid. You’re just like me… you are me!”

I saw an image of a large dragonfly holding a smaller one underneath its belly…

“You have no idea how fast you are. You have no idea how powerful you are! Let me pick you up and fly with you. You can fly, but you don’t have to. I’ll hold you underneath me as I fly until you’re not scared anymore, and you’re ready to fly on your own. I love you so much! I would wait for you here for ever! Just reach up (to me).”

I could tell that the thought of ‘flying’ had snapped Isabelle back into (the illusion of) her present fears.

“No. I’m scared!”

“How about a hop?! A hop isn’t even flying! It’s where you feel the ground, and then you ‘play‘, and then you feel the ground again… Whumpp!!” …?

“How about a swim, then? I know how much you love(d) to swim!”


At this point, I was thinking to myself that, short of fire, there was only one element left. The Chief continued…

“How about digging? We’ll go under the ground! You’re surrounded on all sides there!” …?

“(In a little voice) Ok.”

“I’ll race you!” (The Chief likes to go fast.)

“Where are you, daughter? I can’t see you down here. All I see is black.”

“I’m in a hole.”

“Huh! …And what do you see when you look up?”

“I see light up there, at the top of the hole.”

“Hmmm… that’s a problem for you, isn’t it? How are you going to… “

“I’m out.”

“Wa-chay! That was fast! How did you get out already?”

“I flew.”

“(Teasingly…) You flew!?… Wa-chayy, you are fast!”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m back on the ground, looking up at the sky; I can see trees at the edges.”

“Will you fly with me now?”

“No. I’m still scared.”

“Ask the trees to make a hole for you, like when you were in the ground. They know you’re there. They’ll protect you, make you feel safe. They’ll surround you on all sides. Then you can fly, just like you just did. That’s how easy it is!”


As I was scanning her body, I noticed that the cold (spot) was smaller, but still near her heart.

“Who else do you want to see?”

“My sister.”

“Where is your sister?”

“She drowned.”

“(Really upset…) I was supposed to be watching her!”

I also felt a cold spot in the left side of Isabelle’s belly. She continued…

“My aunt (/mother?) was really mad.”

[It got a little confusing here, because although she was referring to the drowned girl as ‘sister‘, we were given cues that she’d actually been her cousin to begin with. As her present incarnation, Isabelle was also confused when she talked about her aunt of that life. She couldn’t decide if the woman was ‘aunt’, or ‘mother’. We surmised that perhaps her own mother had died, or that it might’ve been customary in the society she was in at the time to take care of children communally.]

We came to understand that her ‘aunt’ was the one who had been chasing her. She must have caught her at some point, because she was the reason why Isabelle had ended up dead in the forest.

“Why did your sister choose to die that way, by drowning? She chose, you know.“

“Your heart knows. Your heart’s powerful enough to tell you that.”

“Because she was being beaten.”

“Your aunt was trying to blame you because of her own pain, because of her own fears about her pain catching up to her. That‘s why you were being chased. Do you see that? What does your heart say?”


I’m going to give you some background to help you understand a little of what happened next. My twin-flame, Jenny, had only recently met Isabelle, but for the short time they’d known each other, they’d both been aware of an incredibly strong connection between them. Through the personal healing journey that Jenny and I have experienced together, I (also) know her as a ‘Water-Talker’. She was present for this particular session (she’s an exceptional healer herself), working on Isabelle’s physical body, and offering me confirmations and guiding words when they came to her. As ‘David’, I had a pretty good idea where this was going myself, and then The Chief nudged me…

“Do you want to talk to your sister?”

The Chief continued in a whisper, “Water-Talker, tell your sister what you have to say.”

“I’m ok, sister. I love you. I forgive you…. It’s ok.”

“Thank you.”

“I want to go swimming now.”

We went to the water (I imagined it was where her sister/cousin had drowned).

The Chief piped in again, “If you see a Beaver, you chase him! Noone swims faster than my Otter Daughter!”

“Slappp!!” The Chief had me clap my hands together loudly, like a Beaver’s tail on the water (trying to make his getaway).

“Where are you? You swim sooo fast; I can’t even see you!”

“I’m flying.”

“(Knowingly, teasingly…) You’re flying?”

I could ‘feel’ The Chief winking. I Love his sense of humour.

“I was swimming, but now I’m in the air, flying.”


“How about that. ‘Flying’, you say.”

(Again…) “Huhh!”

“And there’s no ground, or trees around you or nothing?”

“I’m just flying.”

“Huhh! Imagine that!”

I asked her to tell me what she saw, now that she was flying. Isabelle described clouds, and then looked down and saw her body on the ground. I asked her how she felt about the young girl she saw lying there. The Chief’s words - as her ‘Father’ - came to us. “With the Love you have for her, you would wait for her forever, wouldn’t you?“ From her new perspective, she realized that it had been her own, angelic self (played out by The Chief) that she’d been afraid of. She understood now that she’d had no need to be scared. Her fear of flying had been a fear of letting go, letting go of guilt, of sorrow, of fear itself. She’d been frightened of becoming the self that she already was (in a different form), herself as her own Dragonfly power. She is Isabelle and ‘sister’, while - in the same instant - she is her Father, and she’s her Mother (Earth), as much as we all are, One.


Big Medicine Love to You!

~ Black Feather

Photo Credit: Aitor Escauriaza

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