Friday, November 8, 2013

Did Nothing Change? No, it just Looks that way

You've been throwing manifestation techniques at your lifedream and it appears that nothing's budged. What gives? After all, you've given it a good shake, haven't you? And you Know in your Heart of hearts that you're a supremely Divine force of manifestation, so why do things look the same?!

We are indeed immensely powerful creators, but it can seem that when we adopt a new stance or state of mind or way of Being in anticipation that it will manifest what we desire, we're often presented with exactly the same scenario we're trying to change. Our impulse is to see things as 'not working'.

The fact is, if we've changed our state of being, 'We' have changed. The fact that our physical /experiential circumstances seem to go through a repeat is because we're provided an opportunity to put (it) into practice. Think of it as a way for you to affirm to your Higher Self that you can use the 'new you'.

What's the point of becoming something different, having the latest upgrade, if you can't use it to remedy what it is that you've been asking for help with? Say you've asked for a change to your level of Abundance from the Uberverse; you're given a new perspective for (dealing) with it, but nothing seems to shift.

Your Higher Self has provided you a 're-do', an opportunity to affirm that things have indeed changed by giving you a chance to be subject to those same conditions and approaching them differently. Of course, our inclination is to look at the fact that circumstances are repeating to say that we're not capable.

Out of frustration /desperation, we resort to what our (societally conditioned) ego tries to tell us are 'tried and true' methods, and we end up repeating our previous pattern of taking blind action (which of course our Higher Self takes as a signal that it's what we prefer, and reinforces it with similar occurrences).

Whatever change it is that you're intent on manifesting, when you've applied your intentions to yourself and you've shifted something, (not if, but) when your Higher Self then provides you with a repeat to test you out, disregard the circumstances that present, and continue to exist in your new state of being.

Tell your ego that you love it and that it's safe, but that this new way of Being will benefit it, that it doesn't have to drive, that it can take a back seat and enjoy the view! It's been there to lovingly protect and serve you, but as your understanding of 'reality' is changing, that relationship is transforming, too.

Stay connected to the experience of being 'the Now you', and the rest will come naturally. What can I say; change is inevitable. If you feel you need some help getting to that new Now you, you know where to find me...

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather



  1. Trust you to come up with a synchronous post...

    In my experience I've found that I will swing between the 'old' me and the 'new' me. The transition can be very unsettling and uncomfortable at times, but a wise man once told me to "Stay in my heart"... or was that a wise guy ;)

    Today, I am being provided with another opportunity to change an old pattern (/rhythm) in my life. An opportunity to (finally) take responsibility for my choice(s)

    Good stuff!

    - Marc

  2. I love that you reference it (even if a little 'shyly') as a rhythm - makes it easy to picture overlaying a melody onto it.

    I think I'd say I'm a wise-guy when you need a wise-guy, and a wise man when I'm an extension of yourself. Now, whenever I [italicised] need a wise-guy, I have a squirrely-buddy I rely on for reflections ;) Thanks, buddy. In case you didn't know it well enough, You're 'good stuff' (hey, wait, wasn't That one of those 'reflection' thingeys?).

  3. Shy? Me? Well okay you got me there. I said "rhythm" because I had a melody in my head at the time - "This is the rhythm of my life..." from the song Rhythm of the night by Corona

    And look at the video I just found for it(!)

  4. I just meant shy in the sense that you'd put the word 'rhythm' in brackets as an alternate, is all - not that you intended it to be interpreted that way. I love the fact that the video is set in a midway /carnival and that there are tarot cards in it. Thanks for the rhythmical melodiousness.