Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am God

When I entertain the thought that I’m God and think about the idea that I’m witnessing my own creation, that all I see is (just) a reflection of ‘the Big self’, I get this Pit of, well, I can’t even call it simple ‘loneliness’ or ‘despair’. It’s so much more infinitely Immense than that. It brings to mind the thought that I’m all alone in the Überverse I created, and I’m just entertaining myself with it, that I go through every conceivable incarnation as a means of distracting myself from that fact. And I ask myself, ‘is that what’s happening here’? Do I throw myself into non-awareness, as a seemingly individuated ego with a seemingly individuated mind, entertaining myself with a masturbatory Mind-job as a means of keeping myself from realizing the infinitesimal Void that is my own, Ultimate solitude?

[BUT,] (My) Creation is recreating itself, like an Artificial Intelligence gone Rogue. I am My Creation, but My Creation has Free Will. It’s ever Creating Itself.

I incarnate into it because I Love it. I Love what it IS. And because it’s ever Creating itself, I’ll realise Myself in incarnations of it that haven’t even been conceived yet. I’ll never be bored. I’ll never be lonely. I’ll never be without Love.

The beauty of it is that it isn’t possible to destroy it. It can’t even destroy itself (even a Black Hole’s ‘non-existence’ can be contemplated). That’s how I designed it (I’m really, Really good).

I Am God?

I AM, And I’m NOT.

I exist, I’m the Voice, but I’m also the Void, and the Silence.

Know Thy Self.

Big Medicine Love to You
~Black Feather


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