Monday, April 29, 2013

Jaguar medicine: ‘clean yourself up’

Considering for a moment that everything in nature consumes something else for its survival, our anthropocentric viewpoint of what’s ‘right and wrong’ does us a disservice. While I’m a huge proponent of being aware not to cause other beings unnecessary pain (and not acquiring unwanted karma as a result), Jaguar medicine isn’t about applying judgment to ourselves or others, as much as it is about finding what’s true for us as the unique individuals /souls we are.

(broken-) open conduit
happy dog that looks like (a demon-) Coyote, open mouthed
biting into (smoke) stream
a cork zipper-pull /toggle being brought down /opening
collar opening
marshmallow (burnt)
fire (that consumed it)

How much of how we express ourselves do we do in the interest of gaining or maintaining the approval of others? A better question, perhaps, is how much of how we limit our expression is done for that purpose? It’s one of the greatest of Coyote tricks. While it might seem to offer us personal safety and some measure of happiness, allowing us to be influenced by what we perceive others would want from us keeps us from discovering and expressing what’s integral to our own selves. On the pretence that it’d be ‘dangerous’ to do otherwise, it cuts us off from our passions, and in doing so, we keep our greatest gifts mysteries, secret from us. We suppress our expression, our own knowing (‘until the time is right’, we might tell ourselves). Veiled in this way, even our one-on-one link with Great Spirit is interrupted.

Loosening our reliance on perceived structures of authority will not only help us access other dimensions of our soul’s self, but other realities of existence. Consider cleaning yourself up; removing what isn’t ‘you’. Burning off the shell of others’ voices doesn’t mean you’ll be forever scarred. On the contrary, you’ll see the essence of the ‘treat’ that is you underneath it. You’ll find new tastes that you wouldn’t otherwise know (like the charred part of a burnt marshmallow). You’ll definitely learn something about the fire that transformed you.

Just as jaguars look a lot like cheetahs, the fact is, they’re subtly but distinctly different. Elicit the medicine of Jaguar’s solitary hunt, and you’ll uncover a story unique to you, one that only you can tell. It’s one that Existence needs to hear. Silencing the interference of what’s ‘prudent’ enables a clearer connection with your guides and angels, your own voice. It gives them a chance to step into your dreams and waking lifedream to present you with synchronistic messages that only you can appreciate (and offer others, in turn).

If you’re concerned your life will denigrate into the chaos of nature, consider that nature exists in balance, whereas mankind – with all its strictures – has a historic tendency towards unbalance. As Chief Dan George said, “We are as much alive as we keep the Earth alive”. To this point, we haven’t done very well at that, doing things the way we’ve been doing them, have we? Explore the jungle that is you – there are innumerable medicines there, waiting to be discovered.

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

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