Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why read your past lives?

What’s the point? I mean, besides being intriguing or entertaining, what benefit could you possibly get out of knowing who you’ve been before, what you’ve done, or who you did what with?

In my humble opinion, the fact that you attain clarity as a result – while immeasurably helpful in itself – is overshadowed by the gift of being able to live your present lifedream more playfully, innocently, and with a lightened heart.

I was recently guided to do a past-life reading for someone in two versions. The first version was presented as a children’s story, told for the benefit of the woman’s inner child. Children are most naturally attuned and connected to Spirit. It’s our inner children that facilitate our connection to true spiritual wisdom on behalf of our adult selves, and without invoking their participation, they can essentially hold elements of our spiritual selves ‘hostage’. Without loving attention, their persistence to convey their need to connect with us – or perhaps more to the point, our need to connect with them – can result in escalating tantrums that manifest in our experiences as actual ‘pay-attention-to-me-or-else’ physical incidents (need it be said, not pleasurable ones).

Appeasing your inner child through compassionate, considerate connection not only facilitates greater personal well-being, it provides extended access to your innate psycho-spiritual abilities and helps you to use these gifts to greater capacity. This happens mainly through minimization of the effects of influential philosophies and others’ perspectives on ‘reality’ that you’ve accumulated, so that you can better self-inform. As connected as we all are, every soul’s path is intrinsically, essentially unique. We don’t have the embodied experiences we do on this physical plane just for the sake of observing what other persons have learned on their journeys, or for what they might be trying to impress upon you as the ‘truth’ about yours!

As adults, our mind’s preoccupations can influence us to view our potential futures with trepidation and even fear. Children learn through play. And how much more enjoyable would your exploration of this vast Überverse be if you were able to approach your learning about it that way? Enlisting the assistance of your inner child enables you to open up to what’s on the horizon with innocence and increased clarity as your guides. Re-invigorating yourself in this way by integrating not only your inner child’s assistance, but aspects of you left behind in previous lives facilitates deep-level healing and illuminates you on the value of your own soul’s exquisite process.

Now that my client and her inner child were collaborating, I produced a second version of (this part of) her past life reading that included a more detailed description of what was presented in the first, but in the form of interpretations, for the sake of her adult self.

Thankfully, our guides know what we need to see and how we need to see it for a past-life reading to be of greatest benefit. More often than not, though, they don’t try to impress on you how you should do things differently in your life so much as present things to you for the sake of invoking your observational powers. As any physicist worth their weight in neutrinos will tell you, in the absence of any other external force acting upon a particle, the behaviour of said particle can change simply for the fact that it’s being observed.

One example of the effect that occurs as a result of observing past-life scenarios is in our relationships with the more ‘challenging’ companion souls in our lifedream. The simple act of observing the connections we’ve had with certain individuals across lifetimes can activate the severing of energetic cords between us and them. The process of viewing how our interactions with them have contributed to our soul’s journey often stimulates the gentle release of these connections. Think of it as a rite of passage, not only a recognition of what karma you’ve accrued with them, but– by the contributions you’ve made to each other’s journeys – affirmation that the balancing of it can now be made manifest.

As an additional bonus, you come to realize that contrary to how you may feel at times, you’re never alone on your journey, and that you can indeed trust the guidance and support of your own soul’s Loving interconnection and expertise. If you think that you’re stuck, not getting anywhere, well sorry to disagree (actually, I can’t say that I am really), but you’re wrong. You’re on your own Perfect path, opening to your highest potential; it’s just that 'one step at a time' can often seem a little slow, without a fuller picture.

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

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