Monday, April 15, 2013

Pigeon: the medicine of Karma

Pigeon medicine is the medicine of karma. Hey, they shit on us, and it’s considered good luck. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ in balance, it all comes full circle.

They can suck water up into their beaks, a metaphor for pulling messages to us from our Spirit families, our guides and helpers.

People complain because they deface our public spaces and statues (testaments to our glory – did I need to add that, or is that a bias of mine showing? ha). With Pigeon’s medicines, we can look past the ‘mess’ of what appears soiled in our lives, like unrequited desires or difficult experiences in our childhood homes. Pigeon offers the possibility of bringing karmic patterns full circle. Enlist this Messenger to bring forth the information from this and past lives that will deliver personal and soul-level peace for you, and uncover what treasures and talents have been hidden under the ‘shite’.

If it’s something you feel you’d rather not do on your own, message me to either guide you through it or look into your medicines myself:

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

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