Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reflections on Heron: Turning Inward

One of the main aspects of Heron's medicines is self-reflection. It's about going beyond the surface, beyond appearances, to realize your true nature, your true state of being.

When Heron inspires us to dip our head into the water, water isn’t just a metaphor for emotions, nor is it limited to our subconscious. Many people fear that that’s as far as they’ll get, stuck in a swirling eddy of every uncomfortable emotion they’ve ever had, but that’s the ego’s, the mind’s preoccupation. Below all is your true nature.

Water's surface is like a mirror for the many reflections of ourselves, but when we look at the surface of who we imagine ourselves to be, it's not necessarily our individual, authentic Selves we're perceiving. We pick up things from other people (and spirits). Taking just your formative years in this life, for example; how many habits do you think (/ or feel) you've picked up from the people around you? What of other people’s perspectives have you adopted?

It begs the question: Is it yours? Is it You?

If you can see that you might have adopted behaviours, what about opinions? judgements? 'ways of being in the world'? beliefs? For further mysteries in that regard, consider that you've also carried reflections over from past lives.

In the Grand Divine Design of it all, everyone that comes into our experience is ultimately a part of ourselves, and part of our journey is to work through what karma we've accrued with them, on our path to realizing ourselves as essential Light.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to move in a new direction, to discover things about yourself and your lifedream, what’s hidden below the surface of what the perceptions you’ve adopted have presented to you. Take the opportunity to see through the veil. If you feel you need help with it, connect with a healer or seer. It doesn’t have to be me; just go with whoever presents and resonates with you (and don’t worry; there is no wrong choice – as Spirit would have it, we always receive the exact medicine we need). You’ll experience a renewal in your relationships with others, yes, but most importantly, in your relationship with your Self.

Big Medicine Love to You
Black Feather

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