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Shaman’s Earthwalk: feeling tired, drained, ‘blocked’? What Source and Mother Earth have to say about finding balance…

The angelic realm and Mother Earth call out, wanting and ready to help us in every way they can. Sometimes they talk in whispers, and sometimes they communicate by placing messages on our life-path that we could pretty much trip over. That said, we don’t always notice them. Oftentimes, for the fact that there’s so much chatter going on in it, our rational(?) minds don’t do us any favours in that respect; what we’re influenced to think and feel can undermine us by clouding our perception of what’s being communicated. An Earthwalk is a way of getting around the mental gymnastics going on up there. It’s a grounded, meditative, physical walkabout, undertaken with the intention of giving attention to and (later) interpreting the signs directly laid out for our benefit, to see what Source and Mother Earth immediately wish to communicate to us (either as individuals, or ‘us’ collectively, as is the case with this one).

My Guidance suggested that I consult animal medicine cards regarding a theme for this particular Earthwalk. What presented was Pigeon, Skunk, and contrary Beaver, which I took to mean, ‘You’ll be presented with messages to relay from your spiritual (/Universal) family about why it feels to many as though their energies are blocked at this time, a message relevant to what’s affecting many others in your community’.

Lately I’d been noticing that many people (myself included) have mentioned feeling a little lost, their energy depleted, having little motivation to do anything (and internally beating themselves up for it). It seemed that this walk would provide answers for why that was happening.

I also drew a card for a guiding, helper animal, and received Deer.

Previous to pulling the cards, I’d already had an intuitive sense of where I was to begin. I went to an unused gravel (logging?) road I’d seen from the highway, where a shallow quarry had been dug into one corner of the intersection. With no means to flow out, water was sitting in it, muddied and stagnant. In hindsight, it resonated well with the blockage suggested by contrary Beaver.

As I found a place to stow my bicycle, I immediately happened upon a cane staff, cut to just the right length for me. Besides taking it as a confirmation that I was in the right place (after all, how better to start a walk than with the gift of a walking stick?), I recognized it as a traditional symbol of power and masculinity. The staff was of a type of cane that grows here (in Portugal); very similar to bamboo, but not nearly as long-lasting. This particular piece was in good form and would well serve for the time being, but there seemed to be a reference here to ‘impermanence’, regarding the nature of masculinity (on the whole).

As I continued, there was a discarded blue oil drum to my right (~ on the male/masculine side). Blue items typically get my attention, as the colour is a symbol suggesting clarity is being offered. Oil is symbolic of an old form of energy, one that can run out and leaves a lot of residue/pollution when it burns.

As I headed up an incline, there were drainage rivulets washed into the road, making the route less passable, were you to consider using it to move vehicles or goods back and forth over. I took it as a suggestion that in the process of natural cleansing (by rain), old pathways and modes of energy conveyance were being reformed to accommodate more natural processes, a more natural flow of energies.

Just ahead on the left: a pile of garbage ~ “…useless energy that can be recycled, like compost, into fertilizer for something new… suggesting that it is [a time of] change, that you [are] releasing [that which is] no longer supportive to you, in order to make room for that which is.”

The road started curving to the right just ahead. Tuning in to get a sense of where to go from there, the question, “What would Deer do?” came to mind. Deer isn’t as likely as, say, Moose to follow the road. Although the deer in that area had been hunted out years ago, I eyed a path where a deer trail would be likely, and headed cross-country. Deer’s guidance was taking me North ~ the place of wisdom from the Elders.

I came across burnt stumps, symbols of emasculation. The fact that they were burnt suggested that transformation of masculinity as we’ve previously experienced it was taking place.

I crossed a second road and a moth flew up, a suggestion that continuing to head towards the light will help you to understand who you are becoming during this period of (darkness/) ‘not knowing’.

From the viewpoint I had, I could look back and see a civilization in the distance, behind a curve, in the direction I had originally come. It’s a time for letting go of that which we’ve been holding on to, and sharing new information, insights and understanding.

Continuing cross-country, I happened upon very symmetrical (and puzzling) square and round holes in the ground. Both are signs of balance, the square a reference to “…thinking outside the box”; the circle, “…wholeness, infinity, cycles, unity and your connection with feminine essence”. Following the signs through to this point, I interpreted the Earthwalk’s message as saying that the contrasting energies many of us are feeling lately are due to the transformation that masculine energy on the planet is undergoing. Whatever balance of ‘male’ or ‘female’ you identify yourself as, an aspect of masculinity (yours personally, as well as the Divine masculine) is undergoing a cleansing and transmutation process. In hindsight, I remember seeing a power line, crossing the view between myself and the distant civilization ~ even those of us who are not experiencing the shift of these masculine energies in full consciousness awareness carry and are being energetically affected by this alteration that’s taking place.

I noticed fungi at the base of a burnt stump, working to hasten its decomposition/deterioration ~ “…life continues to emerge even from decay…. about the life/death/life cycle, the fact that nothing ever dies, and that there is always a growth opportunity hidden with all things that appear to be maligned”.

…and then a seed that looked like a button ~ a (new) power is about to be uncovered/revealed through the removal of armour, one that contains awareness of intimacy.

I became aware of there being a lot of gravel where I’d been travelling ~ “…take each step mindfully. You may be feeling as if you are on unsteady ground.” Gravel being a primary material for roadwork, it’s also symbolic of repair of (/healing) and creating new pathways. Old restrictions are disappearing, and new pathways are being opened up that will take us further than we’ve been able to go previously.

A lot of the fungi I saw on the ground were very powdery ~ “…a message to soften your touch or smooth out your approach to life”, but also that there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface that isn’t visible at present (like only seeing the tip of the iceberg, but on a much magnified level). While the forces at work are barely perceptible, the actions taking place – the seeds being germinated – are astoundingly prolific.

While some of the trees (eucalyptus, actually) that had been previously cut had been stimulated to produce new growth as a result, some others had died off completely. One (/this) particular tree had three cut-off burnt trunks, which I took as a reference to the transformation of the Divine masculine that’s taking place. It also had a spiral opening at the base of the crotch, a symbol of the Divine feminine, “…openness, receptivity, sensuality, sexuality, the mystery of life, and fertility “. Eucalyptus is a symbol of prudence, a suggestion to move ahead with caution/care; some individuals that don’t take this opportunity for new growth to heart (by accessing their gifts of intuition, for example) will not survive to create in alignment with the new dimensions and realities that Source and Mother Earth are unlocking, to experience the benefits of the indescribable growth that’s being stimulated.

I was guided to follow back on my track a little and bring two different objects together, a mushroom that looked like both a rock and a snail, and a small stone of marble with a piece chipped off of it. This transformation might seem like it’s happening at a snail’s pace, but in the grand scheme of things, what’s being created – the work of art (that is you) being naturally sculpted – is happening at an amazing rate. Alternatively, it’s also a message to take things in your own time, to go at your own pace and not “…rush, and to trust that even if your progress appears to be slow, you are making deliberate and distinct strides forward, and are leaving a legacy trailed behind you. [Also, be aware that you’ll be experiencing] feelings of vulnerability”. For the fact that what’s happening will seem like a bit of a ‘rough cut’, you’ll be “…attempting to protect yourself from being hurt”. In that respect, please be compassionate with yourself.

I started heading back to my point of origin, though still travelling cross-country, as Deer would suggest. I saw a large, white, industrial-sized polypropylene bag discarded on a slope up ahead (that I later realized was a roadside embankment). From a personal perspective, I thought it was just what I’d been wanting as a tool for some yard work I’d been doing. I gently pulled at it to retrieve it, but the earth was already well into reclaiming its contents. Part of the bag was open. I assumed the heaviness I’d sensed in it was earthen refuse, but poking at it with the walking stick (thanks again for the gift of it, Spirit) revealed the desiccated fur and bones of a very large dog. As upsetting as it was (especially considering that it’s not the first time I’d been presented with something like this on an Earthwalk), it’s a message not to cling to the past, and to allow the Earth to take what we’re clinging to from us. We all hold memories of loyalties betrayed, experiences/fears about being hurt over and over again, in present, past, and – in fact – in other people’s (present and past) lives. Not only are we helping to facilitate this transformation within our energetic bodies, we’re carrying the weight of those hurts, all the instances where we and others working in a spirit of compassion have been abused, met with fearful resistance over and over again (the sad fact is, there are people in the world who are so resistant to love and acknowledging the value of vulnerability that they can’t even accept the love of a puppy). The effort of holding onto these traumas is another aspect of why we’re feeling drained lately. Our inclination is that, if we release any tendencies we have to use force to protect ourselves against what force gets used against us, we feel as though we’ll just be hurt again. The inner path of your heart is your greatest strength, though; continue to use it, and sidestep the resistance offered by others who can’t understand the direction you’re taking. Send them loving energy (remotely, if necessary), and watch for the synchronicities that result.

After having a good releasing cry and sending loving energy to the situation (between the dog and whomever had unceremoniously dumped it there), I turned on my heels and saw a sun-bleached goat’s skull, an old, broken battery and a rusty chain on the ground ~ the time is passing/passed where you’ll allow others to make you feel bad. This balancing of masculine and feminine energies will allow you to be more grounded and centred, so that you can freely express more of your true, heart-centred, compassionate nature. While it seems that your battery is running low, it’s more to the point that it’s being reengineered and replaced – the old energy structures, the way we’ve connected with other people, other beings, events, and all of life won’t function any longer.  You’re in a position to “…take better custodianship of your talents, gifts and important relationships”. You’re being recreated, and recreating your world, in effect. It’s time to express yourself.

“In truth, you were born to illuminate the world with your Light. The time has come to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be all of who you are meant to be… it is only the thoughts in your mind that hold you back and it takes a lot more energy to hold yourself closed, than it does to let yourself flow open… allow yourself to take up space, to open yourself up and illuminate this world!” ~ Cheryl Lee Harnish

While there are innumerable Universal energies working with you to do so, if you feel that you’d like me to work with you to help uncover what lies within, your unique, hidden skills and abilities, please don’t hesitate to connect The world needs what you have to offer!

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather
Text in quotations are taken from I Had The Strangest Dream:the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century by KellySullivan-Walden, except where otherwise specified.

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