Thursday, November 8, 2012


channelled on the topic of negative self-talk,
6 Nov, 2012 as visual imagery (in bold) and transcribed into text

[inspired an alternate post, "Is it the Biggest Problem in the World?"
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ship’s wheel turning, a hearing horn in an (right-side) ear
changing course,
actively taking control, rising to meet the challenge of
hearing beyond the self-spoken words to read between the lines,
grappling with your difficulty in hearing or listening to criticism, negativity,
in light of a memorable occurrence

pomegranate power (portal)
rebirth and transformation
the power of the feminine and relationships, nurturing, and healing with intention
allowing your power to flow from within, instead of using force
an opening/opportunity to transform your energies,
to release resistance to that which is naturally you/yours

jaws open moray eel
there to teach you the ability to watch (yourself) unseen
for an opportunity to present yourself,
to see how you’ve camouflaged yourself and your emotions

snake (as energy) spraying venom
wisdom, intuition
connecting with your unconscious, mystery and untamed power
your ability to release old incarnations, attachments and identities and reinvent yourself
wisdom that is earned in facing and embracing your shadow
processing through and venting out fear-based words or actions that have injured you,
an influence of your masculine side
the realization that when you harbour poisonous feelings or thoughts
they are energetically spread, such that all around might be poisoned

those who’ve passed before you,
especially those who’ve lived mindlessly,
now encouraging you to open up to another point of view,
to realize the politics of the mind,
the humiliation that is contrast to your joyous spirit
and your infinite potential

arm (as energy) – its underlying structure – (observed,) in space
you are reaching for something
you have the ability to embrace and extend yourself
awareness of self as energy can be disorienting,
crossing through the veil and returning ‘home’
nothing to hold on to,
but the observing,
the awareness that you are the pure potential that
existed before the universe was created
something sacred about to be born

octopus, arms dropping limp (in space)
‘you’, attempting to fulfil your various needs, wants and desires
having been needy, clingy, desperate,
forgetting the truth that all that you need is within you
no longer focussing on the physical, but flowing from within
rather than using force,
acknowledge the Divine flow,
the large spiritual force working with you
the large spiritual force that is you

swimming through space, cotton candy (baby) inside/atop,
rainbow/gas coloured flames, bubbles
navigating through your feelings, exploring your soulful depths
revelling in your sexuality
daring to understand the mysteries of your feminine side
a treat, reward, joyous occasion, through connection to your inner child,
your innocence, vulnerability, and untapped potential
a new project, a relationship is forthcoming,
representing your journey from heaven to earth and from earth back to heaven
growing in your spiritual awareness,
perhaps because you have just undergone an emotional rainstorm
the tendency to hold on to what you know,
but this transformation is necessary and tremendously important
allow it, and you’ll be transformed,
stronger and open to new experiences
after what seems like destruction, all is renewed
try to watch with the wonder of a child,
as though it’s but a reflection
feeling light and joyous
a call for spontaneous celebration of the present moment

orbs (as energy)
beautiful souls,
your beautiful soul,
all around encompassed and guided by the Divine

a flag, staking a claim
an affiliation of which you can be proud
claiming yourself as an earth angel,
and the path you’re guided to walk
staking claim to this now moment
victory won, situation(s) resolved,
having broken the shackles of conditioning,
and reached the truth of your heart,
to say ‘here! now! this is how it is! this is what I am’

wash of milk
healing, detoxing, and releasing negativity,
‘cleaning up your act’ so that you may start again,
fresh, cleansed and renewed
through feminine nurturing of the heart, mind, body, and soul,
you have the sustenance to make it through

mushroom (‘fruitings’)
what you see on the surface is only the fruiting body,
a miniscule part of all that’s been growing beneath
perhaps feeling uncertainty about whether or not a relationship or
opportunity is poisonous or healthy for you
forget about becoming someone special
anything that you take on now,
undertaken with maturity,
will enrich your life and the lives of others
being who you are, it is time to express yourself
(news travels fast)

jellyfish umbrellas
as concerns feelings of helplessness and powerlessness,
protect your thoughts from negative influence
you are well prepared for your current challenge
having a lasting and positive effect on the planet is
part of the Divine plan you created before you came here
the whisperings of your soul calling you to your purpose
take the steps to set this dream in motion
use your gifts in service to others,
in the way that feels right for you

fungus, head of a bird of prey? (not a flesh-eating beak) eyes black, like
crescent moons; stars, guiding

life emerges from decay
nothing truly dies;
there is always hidden opportunity/growth
not being the traditional hunter/predator,
but taking a higher view in your pursuits
seeing the opportunities, the value in
your experience of the highs and the lows,
gained through allowing yourself the freedom of being the observer
in touch with your intuition, your ability to see what is really going on
that which is mysterious, secretive, seductive, unknowable;
a shadow aspect of your power not yet realized
a new beginning in the stage of the feminine
it’s a good time to set intentions
you are Divinely directed, and right on track with your life,
being guided toward your greatest achievement as a guiding star

fleur de lis -being
pay attention to signs, symbols of love,
but know that what’s outer is a sign,
whereas what’s inner – what’s within you – is Love
advance it,
move it forward

necklace theme park archway, midway, roller coaster, ferris wheel, thrill ride(s)
release your inhibited self-expression
amplify what’s within you;
your connection with your childlike, playful essence and the joy of being alive
enjoy your life, even the ups and downs and highs and lows
be open to finding the joy and humour in every situation
enjoy the tumultuousness of the ride
handle uncertainty with an adventurous spirit

fish biting a spit, then gushing water forth
you are ready
no need to fight the masculine you’ve known within you
know your feminine essence,
you as creative element, as sustenance,
and going with the flow
you are yourself, but have yet to know/appreciate yourself,
through exploration of your infinite depths
why wait, celebrate yourself now
your feminine side, emotions and creativity in full flow,
to the benefit of all

[‘broadcast’ tail/fan]

Much appreciation to Osho, Cheryl Lee Harnish, and to Kelly Sullivan-Walden for her book “I Had the Strangest Dream: the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century”, which I comprehensively reference in the transcription of the images I receive during channellings.

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