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Gentleness: Demon Medicine

In my healing work, I sometimes find energies/entities ‘hanging on’ to the person I’m working with. I call them ‘riders‘, for the fact that they’re relying on the person for something they can’t provide for themselves. Most often, they’re present because we feel that we need them for something we can’t do for ourselves. Although there are a great many categorizations, to all intents and purposes, many people would describe what I’m talking about as demons.

Personally, I used to wonder whether demons existed or not. I figured that they were probably just a construct, something that people took advantage of to describe behaviours they engaged in that maybe weren’t so nice. It seemed a great way to put responsibility for things outside of yourself, as in, “Sure, it appeared as though it was me bonking you upside the head and making your life miserable, but it was that external supernatural force made me do it!”

Well, from my own experience, I can assure you that they do exist. That said, though, they’re (also) a projection; t
hey function as a mirror, reflecting unseen aspects of our deeper self and supporting us to become whole. Taken in that light, I can also assure you that they’re nothing to be afraid of. For all intents and purposes, it’s most effective to view them as entities separate from ourselves…

A demon only has power in three ways. One: they use yours. Two: they’ll persist so long as you remain consciously unaware that they are present. And three: by permission.

Sometimes, their influence is fairly benign. As an entity unto itself, a demon might be drawn to a person mostly for the sake of the protection that person affords them (go figure). In other instances, we might invite them in inadvertently, at a time when we’re so challenged by life, so engrossed in our hurt and anger and the earthly unfairness of our situation that we lose all sense of connection to the Loving power that we innately came into the world with. Sometimes, as in the case of severe emotional abuse, we might even call them in, so that we can feel stronger than our abuser; taken further, as a wish for harm upon them. In a position of seeming weakness, it’s a natural tendency to want to feel more powerful than the person who’s inflicting pain upon us. Because our experience was that our abuser had the capacity to hurt us, aligning with the qualities that they exhibit but to a greater extent should make us more powerful than them and leave us better protected, no?

We see this kind of perversion of power in the world around us all the time, in the competitive nature of politics or business, for instance. Because we see it so prevalently as the overriding power, it seems that it’s the only alternative. Other forms of power - that of gentleness, for instance - get pushed to the wayside as not being nearly as effective (or as interesting, but that‘s a whole other topic).

Sometimes, people purposefully invite demons in because of the magical powers they seem to afford (they’re often handed down generationally, even). Ultimately, though, it’s a feigned power that diminishes the host. In fact, it’s your power, and in effect, you‘re draining yourself of it.

As part of the relationship, they do help you to be a little more aware of your own power, but never let you realize to what extent it’s actually your own. If you are conscious of their presence, you’re most likely to be under the delusion that it’s theirs and that you need them for it. It’s like only being able to notice the carrot dangling on the stick in front of you, when in fact your back pockets are bulging with them.

I’m not advocating going out and worshipping them, but I will say that demons serve a sacred purpose, just like anything else. They’re as much a part of Great Spirit’s plan as you or I. On a greater soul level, nothing happens without our permission. We might allow a rider to act in a symbiotic relationship with us for the purposes of keeping us out of awareness of our full power until such time as we can handle it with integrity. This might seem a bit simplistic an explanation, perhaps, but I believe another of their Divine purposes is to help earth angels (such as yourself) to realize the aspect of your own considerable power described as Gentleness.

A demon is most often present as a means of making you aware of something that isn’t serving you.. It’s there to constantly poke you, as a way to call attention to some belief, thought pattern or behaviour that you‘ve become conditioned to believe about yourself. As an example, if you’re constantly choosing love interests who can’t commit because experiences in your early life influenced you to hold the misguided opinion that you aren’t worth committing to, a demon might serve to steer you (with glazed eyes) into a relationship with someone even less suited to the vision of the faithful partner you think you want than your previous one.

Let’s face it, we often learn best through adversity. While a demon can take you to your absolute ‘bottom’, the purpose is to point out to you that you actually are worth loving, to take you back to that childlike trust and knowing you had before you incorporated whatever erroneous belief you‘ve been holding that suggest otherwise. Sometimes, that means things getting progressively worse, until that moment when we’re forced to - yet again - ask ourselves the question, “Do I really deserve this?” Except this time, there’s no other possible answer but “No!”

So, if you believe you have one, what do you do with a demon? Open yourself to the realization that every part of you is loveable. Be gentle. Be innocent. Smile. Sing. If you’re moved to express yourself that way, even encorporate a joyful dance (laughing joyfully kicks ass, too). They won’t necessarily, but if you feel you need to allow your demon to spit, bellow and moan until it fizzles itself out, go right ahead. As I mentioned, they’re a reflection, a reflection of your own accumulated pain, fear and anger. In essence, you’d be letting them vent it for you. Just don’t project it onto your self (that’s most certainly what you’ve been doing since you picked them up). And if they are kicking up a stink, be aware not to feed them (anger, fear, self-importance, etc), and don‘t take their expressions personally. They can’t exist in your lifedream without your say-so, so tell them to give you a gift (and actually, ‘demand’, rather than ‘ask‘), thank them for whatever they‘ve been there to help you with, integrate the lesson, and send them on their way. You have places to go yourself; you’re on your way to Sacred Mountain.

it’s not the old paradigm any more
we’re not in Kansas (we’re somewhere much, much more interesting)

Postscript for energy healers: if you happen into a situation where it seems there’s an energy/entity somewhere associated with your patient that you’re not quite sure is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, perhaps you’re asking questions of it, and the answers you’re getting - while the intent seems to be one of reassurance - don’t seem quite satisfying, try this lovely little ‘trick‘. It’s a beautiful technique, not least because it’s so effortless. It doesn’t require any second-guessing of yourself, such as, “Gee, in the movies, demons use a person’s weaknesses against them. With the skeletons I’ve got in my closet (and who doesn‘t?), if this is what I think it might be, am I gonna be screwed here?” Use your hands as a mirror to send energy from the entity back onto itself. They don’t much like that - it‘s a great way of letting them do themselves in. Once you’ve ascertained that it’s something neither you, your guides, your patient and their guides feel would be happy to have remain, tell the entity that it’s served its purpose, thank it for having done so, and tell it that it’s time for it to go. As much as it’s likely unaware of the fact, it’s given a deeper permission that its presence be revealed at this time. No negotiation is necessary, but before you send it off, tell it to give up its gift to its host. In most cases, the gift will shed light on the reason for it having been there. If it seems that the entity is lingering, I can’t advise strongly enough against taking the entity upon yourself, even if it is out of compassion for your patient. For one thing, it isn’t your medicine to carry - you‘d be doing everyone else involved a disservice. For another: been there, done that, don’t go there. Afterwards (provided it‘s alright with your client, of course), send me an email to tell me what happened; I’d love some fun reading.

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