Sunday, July 15, 2012

Accepting the Wind

Most of us don’t see angels, in the same way that we don‘t see wind. What we see is evidence of their effects. Focussing upon (or close to) the present moment, we might see a tree’s branches waving, for instance. In extreme conditions, branches may break or a tree might be blown completely over. As in the case of seeing trees that have fallen in the forest, we may not have seen the actual event, but we still infer that it was previous wind activity that caused it (you could say we’re observing ‘evidence of evidence’ of wind).

Taking a longer view, wind has an impact on the shape of a tree. Notwithstanding the countless other influences that can also come into play (the relative angle of the sun, the activities of animals, insects and disease, the availablity of water and nutrients, to name just a few), due to the effects of wind, they don’t grow to be perfectly symmetrical. In much the same way as our muscles are stimulated to grow when we put extraordinary stress on and then rest them, when wind moves a branch in such a way as to cause considerable stress on its holding wood (such that the tree ‘worries‘ it might break there), the tree is motivated to send additional nourishment there, to strengthen itself in that location. The supplementary wood added will cause a tree’s branches and stems to grow in a different direction than it otherwise would (that’s why trees along shorelines - where the winds come at them in one predominant direction - are so obviously assymetrical).

Hypothetically, if the wind (and all other influences) acted upon a tree in all directions at once/equally, a tree would grow perfectly symmetrically. If no influences acted upon the tree, it wouldn’t hold together. In other words, it wouldn’t exist. Why would a tree grow a trunk or stretch out its canopy, if not to reach for the sun?

The initial prompt for writing this post came in the form of a vision I was shown that depicted two opposing hands, their inner edges shaped in such a way that they delineated the outer form of a tree. The shape of the tree itself was how we might draw a simplified evergreen: triangular, symmetrical, ‘perfect’. Surprising to me, but the large, ‘Divine-looking’ hands looked like those of a demon. It had started me wondering. Besides thinking about how forces affect trees, the vision got me to thinking about influences that act upon our selves and our experiences. In this material reality, we don’t grow perfectly symmetrically, either. Without the influences acting upon our own ‘edges‘, neither would we exist.

In our minds, when the wind stirs a branch, it’s a beauty to behold, but - generally speaking - when it breaks a branch, it’s a shame. Considering the natural biases in how we’re designed as humans, from an aesthetic viewpoint, the flowing lines of an intact branch are more pleasing to our eyes, whereas the jagged edges of a broken one can appear as an affront to our sensibilities. A smooth, even line is more likely to be associated with peace; a jagged shape with pain or disharmony. But we wouldn’t consider the wind itself is ‘bad’ for having brought about the effect of a broken branch, though. We wouldn’t label it as evil. However, we do have a tendency to label some of the influences acting upon our selves that way.

In terms of what they present to us, our Demons are as necessary as our Angels. Put in perspective, I don’t think anyone would argue that the Angel of Death isn’t essential. To this point in our evolution at least, our demons (our shadows) have provided the necessary resistance that allowed for our edges to be delineated. Not only have they been part of what made our existence on this plane possible and stimulated us to become the multifaceted beings we are, they’ve helped make us Aware of our preferences - in fact, the nature of our very Be-ing - in our struggle towards the light.

Having said all of that, don’t think for a single now moment that I’m espousing an affiliation with the demonic realms. The truth is, though, that the best way to realize the essence of what you Are is to send love to wherever resistance has impacted you. If the entity you’ve sent love to can’t accept it, it’ll realize it’s not in resonance with you and move on. More importantly, perhaps, you’ll realize that you’re not in resonance with it. Accept it - without judgement - as having been part of your growth, and realize that it can never diminish you as Spirit. It‘s served its purpose of getting you to know something of your true nature.

It’s been a struggle down here, sure, but goodness, hasn’t it been damned illuminating?

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