Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stag Medicine: the call of Your nature

This is a truly magical time of co-creation. It's autumn (here), and the rut is on. I can hear stags calling out, day and moonlit night.

As majestic as Stag is, it doesn't do its bellowing for the sake of its ego; that's a human motivation, based on judgement and an unrequited (and impossible) desire for external approval. Stag calls pro-creative opportunities to it for the simple fact that - in its relationship to source - it's a naturally creative being.

The message I take from Stag is to loudly ('provocatively', even) communicate what emmanates from source through you, but not to worry about whether you (or I) will be heard or not.

Perhaps you feel that you've tried oh so many times before and never got anywhere. As it is for the young bucks that hang around at the fringes hoping to 'get some', maturity on a soulful level comes in divine timing. All the previous seasons' efforts have added depth to your voice, substance to your Being.

Don't work for what you see someone else has. Be at your own centre. Express what's inside you that demands expression. You will call what you need to you, but only by being genuine and true to your own nature. (Oh, and throwing a little 'flair' in won't hurt anything - tell me that bit of grass in the antlers doesn't just scream 'stunning'!)

Big Medicine Love to You

~ Black Feather

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