Saturday, September 24, 2011

Octopus Medicine: do you realize how Big you are?

You’re an octopus!

Octopi can be so huge (physically), yet they’re able to squeeze themselves into the tiniest of spaces, like a glass jar, for instance. We’re all octopi, actually, the thing is though, we see the world through our glass veil without realizing that the tendril dangling in front of our eyes - the very water that flows around and through us - actually is us.

When working with someone, I’m always intrigued that I see what it is that Spirit intends as a message to them. It's testament to how truly expansive we are as energetic beings, to how far we extend past the apparent limits of what we perceive as our physical bodies.

When someone comes to me for guidance, I’ll sometimes do a card reading for them or a vision quest, but personally, I Love the experience of having the participation of the living, breathing, physical world. I may do a Shaman's Earthwalk for them; with my heart tuned to the awareness that I’ll be shown a(n unmistakable) sign, I’ll go on an intentional walkabout. I can’t say I’m surprised by what comes up, but I’m always amazed.

It may be that specific animals reveal understanding. On one particular occasion, I was shown Hawk and a kill site. In that instance, Hawk and its meal were sent as symbols to clarify what was ‘eating away’ at that person’s power.

After a distance energy healing on a woman’s dog during which I was shown a vision of a blue ball in an energy stream from the dog’s mouth (~ the place of ‘communication‘), I was guided to a specific spot in an unassuming roadside woods where - having been ‘told’ I was in the right place - I looked down at my feet to find a similar small blue ball, complete with dog toothmarks in it! The woman confirmed that her dog had once had an identical ball years ago, soon after he first came to her. I gave her this ball, and she took it back home with her (where her dog was at the time, 4,000 miles away) as part of their healing journey.

This is just a small fraction of what our interactive environment wants to impress upon us through our participation with it. It’s testament to how we shape our world and how it - in turn - shapes us.

If you’ve ever ‘primed’ a dream, you know how effective diving into those other levels of consciousness can be for solving problems or receiving inspiration. Try doing the same thing with your waking dream. Even though you feel ‘awake’ during your (for most people) daylight hours, those other levels of consciousness are active at the same time; an ocean of activity is alive and thriving under the surface of your awareness. Before you set out for a walk, ask of the Universe (/‘yourSelf ‘) for guidance on a problem you’ve been chewing on (or that‘s been chewing on you, Ha!). As you’re thinking about this idea now, I can assure you that you’ve already extended those great, long, energetic arms of yours, reached into the great Void from where all things are possible (Octopus' eight arms symbolise infinity and infinite possibilities), created and put physical signs down on the path you're going to walk. That's how 'Big' you are!

In an evolutionary sense, your animal mind is much older (and, I would argue, more effective) than your rational mind, your Spirit mind older still. Signs are all around you. I’m here to remind you that you’ve put them down on the path for yourself.

Big Medicine Love to You

~ Black Feather

*If, for some reason, you feel that you’re not able to make such a journey yourself (perhaps you’re not physically mobile at present, for instance) or you‘d just like some help with this, contact me and I will help you.

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