Monday, March 14, 2011

‘Ghost Hunt’, or ‘Ascension Assistance’…?

I was having a bit of trouble getting started with how to write this, so I quieted my mind and asked my guides for help. I heard, “No one said that this was going to be easy”. Not exactly the help I was looking for, but I do love that they have sense of humour!

During some of the healings that I’ve been privileged enough to participate in, I’ve helped clients to release energies associated with past lives where a part of them was still stuck in a specific scenario/location, as what we’d describe as a ‘ghost’ might be. Let me give you one example…

I was working with an energy coming from [Rachel’s] hip. The location on her body was symbolic of something that was preventing her from moving forward in life, a weight that she was carrying. After the ‘old’ energy associated with whatever manifested the imbalance had streamed out, I focused my attention on an area within the energetic cord that remained to see what information might come forth.

I saw images of an upholstered chair from the 18th (or early 19th) century in a very opulent room, and sensed Rachel as having been an older woman in that life. As I guided her through a vision quest, Rachel described that (she / the woman) moved there as part of the agreement of an arranged marriage. The woman was not at all happy there, having been moved away from her family to somewhere that she felt totally alone and unloved. For the sake of her family, she’d been keeping herself trapped there, even after death, forsaking her own happiness for the sake of marital convention.

I was guided to try a couple of things to help the woman move on, but she wouldn’t abandon what she saw as her responsibility. It wasn’t until she was asked whom it was that she wanted to see that she would follow our pleadings and look up towards the light… “Mother!“ Other members of her soul group had been above her since she’d passed, trying as they might to get her attention. Now, with the realization that her daughter was finally able to see her outstretched arms, her mother’s faced beamed.

Immediately after the woman ascended, Rachel excitedly exclaimed she physically felt that a weight had lifted off. As I was prompted, I channelled energy back into the area that I‘d been working with.

Rachel excitedly told me that, since her healing, she’s started seeing spirit again. She’s much happier, and far more energetic. I consider that she’s become more of her whole/natural self, that she’s opened up to more of her intrinsic abilities.

It would seem that it’s because the woman ‘left’ that Rachel feels lighter, but my understanding is that, because the woman returned to her soul group (of which Rachel is obviously a part), more of the parts that make Rachel‘s soul complete are available in spirit to empower her.

As these energies I encounter when I work on people appear to be previous incarnations of themselves, stuck in another time, in a specific place, I considered how likely it was that they’re what we typically refer to as ghosts. With thoughts of Rachel’s healing fresh in my mind (and one more request to join a ghost hunt on Facebook), I started to consider what might happen if we/I were to work from ‘the other end’… ? The understanding that I’ve come to is that a ‘ghost’ can be a split off energy that a(n earth) soul requires for its evolution, to help it return to its natural state of completion. Through the process of helping a (trapped) spirit ascend, does a person in a present incarnation somewhere suddenly feel lighter, suddenly come into more of their natural abilities? The shift is coming, after all. I think I’ll do some of my own ‘paranormal’ investigating.

~ David J. Nagy (aka Black Feather)

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