Friday, March 25, 2011

Dog Medicine - Jeshua’s Sword

Dog medicine usually comes up as a reference to loyalty. Care workers often carry Dog medicine, as do philanthropists, spiritual gurus, and soldiers. On the one hand, it can represent compassionate service to mankind, but on the flipside, it can symbolize being loyal to a person or cause out of a need for approval, or a fear for your own safety. The best way to right contrary Dog is to be your own best friend. In [Jeshua’s] case, it involved a ‘belly rub‘…

I was guided to work with energy emanating from Jeshua’s heart on his right side. The location suggested that he’d had experiences related to masculine love that he was ready to clear. After the energy that manifested the original (injury) had funnelled out, I placed my hand into the stream that remained to take a look. At a short distance from his physical body (indicating a relatively recent past life), I saw berries. They looked like Blueberries or Saskatoons, and they were swelling as though about to burst. I knew that its relevance would be eventually be made clear, but I couldn’t help but wonder (aloud), “What could that possibly mean?”

After being given that initial image, I saw nothing, and the energy stream dissipated somewhat. This suggested that it was up to Jeshua to see his own answers, so I guided him through a regression...

He saw himself as a medieval soldier. Apparently, he’d seen glimpses of this past life before, but hadn’t had the awareness that would enable him to resolve any of the issues that might have arisen here. There was a lot of information associated with battles. He spoke a little about fighting for Justice, but also about losing clarity in that regard.

I was guided to ask him about his father, to get Jeshua to look into the time when was a little boy in that life. He told me a little about abuse that the boy had suffered by his father’s hand. Then, I saw an image of a very large hand offering a small sword. For the fact that the hand seemed large to the point of being obese, I interpreted it as being that of a man who was covering up his own pain. He was passing on a symbol of what he had taken up to protect his own self from the hurts that he’d experienced himself. Symbolically, this was the point at which the boy that was Jeshua’s previous incarnation took the sword that he was passed.

I explained to Jeshua my take on why - as males - we take up this ‘cause’. If we’re physically threatened/oppressed in our boyhoods, we can automatically associate our oppressors as having strength (that’s greater than our own). Our unconscious internal dialogue can go something like this: “This man that I’m looking to for care and protection (~ for love) is hurting me. He’s much stronger than I am, and I don’t feel safe. He has greater power than I do. If I want to feel safe, I need to have power. His is the kind of strength that I should align with.” As strange as it may seem, on a certain level, it’s actually a loving act on the part of the adult man… “This is what I’ve used to (try to) protect myself, and now I’m passing it on to you.”

I asked Jeshua to get the young boy’s attention. He said that the boy was angry, and that he was flailing a sword around. I was nudged to tell Jeshua that his presence looked imposing to the boy. Perhaps if he were to kneel down so that he would be more at the boy’s level, he might not appear as threatening. That calmed the boy somewhat, but he still wasn’t coming any closer. I asked Jeshua to consider offering him something. “What does he like?“ I asked. My guides chimed in, “You know what he likes!“ Jeshua searched his thoughts for a while. Seeing that he was at a bit of a loss, they continued, “You pull some berries out of your pocket for him! You see what he thinks then!” The boy immediately brightened. I asked Jeshua what he was doing with the sword. He said, “There is no sword.”

I let him know that, now that they were reunited, this little boy would teach him a lot. Jeshua was ready to come into awareness of his True Dog medicine, to own as his own what was natural to him.

I went to the fridge, and served up a couple bowls of Blueberries and yoghurt (thinking on it now, I find it interesting that yoghurt is something that you‘d think of has having been rotted, yet is nourishing).

As I mentioned, upright Dog medicine has to do with being your own best friend. Being compassionate towards your natural, loving self will empower you to be of compassionate service to others. Feeding yourself what you love (in this case, ‘filling your puppy’s exposed tummy with yummy berries‘), will free you, and provide for you to be able to free and feed others in turn.

A soldier doesn’t fear the enemy outside; he/she fears what they perceive as being the enemy within. Physical prowess is irrelevant if one is too afraid to befriend their own vulnerability. True power comes from realizing and facing what it is that you’re actually afraid of. Love is your own power.

All the Power to you, my True Dog friend.

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