Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grasshopper LifeDreams

 I had a dream in which three large insects were on my back (at three different times) on a white cloth garment I was wearing. One of them was a large grasshopper. I was creeped out by it, and asked soemone near me to take it off.

I always pay especial attention when three of anything shows up in a dream (or if a telephone does, but that's another story). To me, three is a reference to Divine wisdom - Spirit/body/mind connection. The dream got me thinking about how our perceptions deceive us. I'd been more motivated by my aversion to the physical aspect of Grasshopper (...the look of it, the feeling of its legs pulling at the fabric of my garment... ugghh) - even though it wasn't doing me any harm - than by what it was actually there to bless me with.

Grasshopper medicine brings with it the opportunity to make large leaps in your development, leaps that'll take you to the next patch of juicy, green grass. The message from my own dreams seemed to be that - by facing that which makes me uncomfortable - I would be guided to Grasshopper good fortune, prosperity, opportunity, abundance and nourishment. Seems like some pretty good motivation to get over my apprehensions.

In the healings that I've been doing most recently, I've certainly seen this played out by the beautiful souls who've been sharing medicine with me...

The healing sessions I facilitate have developed such that there's much more emphasis on past-life resolution. In a (typical) healing, I'll receive visions of some of that person's past lives, along with intuitions on how to resolve the issues revealed there that might be contributing to dis-ease in their present life-dream. Besides offering a description of the images that I'm provided to present to their attention, I'll often be guided to lead them through at least one regression so that they can see for themselves the themes that they've been learning through.

Ann was an inspiring example to me for seeing the gifts present in what would otherwise seem like a negative scenario. As in my Grasshopper dream, the memories that her body carried as held energies had gifts within them that she couldn't realize until she was able to look at them differently (and realize herself as the powerfully Loving being that she is in the process).

Before her healing, Ann was filling me in on her concern. Everything in her life seemed to be fitting into place especially well, she said; everything, that was, except for her romantic life. It seemed that when she'd connect with someone, an obstacle would arise. Recently, a romantic interest that seemed to show some promise had to move to be closer to his children. She was feeling really frustrated. My intuition was telling me that the situation hadn't manifested this way by accident - as powerful as we are, her subconscious intentions had something to do with how the scenario had developed.

I guided her through a relaxation/visualization exercise, and then asked questions about who and where she was. A wedding dress... 'wishful thinking', she thought. Happy and pregnant, standing before an altar with a man who adored her at her side and a young boy between them... the three of them ('four' of them) were all beaming with Love and Joy... more wishful thinking, she assumed.

(As happens a lot with people's first experience of past life recollection, you inevitably question whether you're 'imagining it all'. Incidentally, though, Ann has a son herself, but he's older than the boy from her vision was.)

At first, she was a little reluctant to view what it was that she had been led to this life to see, but then, a little forward in time, Ann saw that the mother and the boy had died (accidentally). The man was standing above where their bodies lay, looking down at them in shock, with their blood on his hands. She said that he'd lived out the rest of his life sad and mournful, dying alone. Although she had identified herself as the woman, Ann had been carrying guilt and grief for the man's sadness.

"Where's the man at the end of his life; can you go there?" I asked.

"He's on his deathbed. His breathing is labored. He's sad, and alone, but hanging on."

"Why is he hanging on?" I asked.

"I don't know."

"Rather than watching it from a distance, sit on his bed beside him and hold his hand. As your energetic self, you're actually going there. He might not have physically seen you there in that life, but he'd have been able to feel your presence."

"...What's happening now?"

"He's relaxed... and he's not struggling anymore."

As you can imagine, we were both wiping away tears at this point. We surmised that - knowing the man as the woman had - she's had a vision of his life played out, one that showed him alone and lonely on his deathbed. At the point of her own death, that was as far as the woman had seen. Even though in Ann's present life she'd expressed frustration that her love interest was moving some physical distance away, I had sensed that part of her being had been feeling relief. After all, he'd be safe, wouldn't he... spared a lifetime of being sad and alone, a lifetime of grief. This was the expectation that her energetic body had held in its memory. But now - having 'flown her heart' back to that time - she had the understanding that her love in that previous life hadn't been alone at all. At the time, the woman she'd been had only seen as much as she could see - she'd only seen the Grasshopper, and not the leap that could (and would) be made by the version of her future self, coming back to comfort her Love. Love does indeed transcend time and space.

For Ann, just being aware of the blockage caused by her guilt for leaving her soulmate to live out the rest of his existence alone will enable her to be more open to finding and receiving the Love that she deserves. And don't we all want to know what happens to Ann now? With the new awareness she has of what it was that had been holding her back (not to mention all the loving intentions being directed towards her from people like you, reading this), I expect she'll start manifesting her life-dream differently form here on in!

What are your Grasshopper LifeDreams for your self?

All the Love you can handle, and then some

~ David J. Nagy

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