Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is your life crashing, or is it that you’re flying for the first time?

There’s some kind of disconnect between the Lion you’ve got inside you and what you feel will (energetically) work in the ‘outside’ world. There’s no point in presenting yourself as a leader with anything other than something that is ‘soul-level you’. It’s obvious to me that you’ve got strength, you’ve got courage, but how to connect you to it …? Don’t worry; I won’t make this sound any more ‘new age-y’ than it has to be! gol (‘giggle’ out loud)…

Okay, well, maybe it is going to sound a little ‘woo-woo’, and right from the start, too! I was on a very brief shamanic earthwalk this morning, and while my guidance suggested that it was on behalf of a specific client I was working on, I believe it’s also relevant to ‘us’ as a whole.

In case you’re unfamiliar, to give you some idea of what a shamanic earthwalk is, there are a couple of examples of what might happen on one in this post:

Basically, you could relate to what I mean if you ever consult oracle cards or the tarot. How is it that we can pick a deck up, randomly shuffle, and yet we manage to either pick the exact card(s) we need, or they drop right out of the deck for us?! Long story short, this apparently solid physical existence we’re experiencing is actually an energetic one that we perceive as having (material) limitations. In truth, our Überverse energetically and physically orients itself into exactly what we need for the growth of our soul /spirit. For the fact that cards get oriented in this seemingly ‘magical’ way, what’s to say that the same doesn’t happen with other elements of the lifedream we live? Answer: it does.

Moving on…

While ordinarily, shamanic earthwalks are much longer and more ‘involved’ (I have to say I’m relieved that this one wasn’t, in comparison!), there were (only) three significant signs that showed up in it. The first sign was the black flight feather of a crow.

The way I’d describe the Crow totem’s ‘main’ medicine is by saying that Crow is the keeper of Sacred Law. If you can imagine the difference, it’s related more to what Spirit /God /Source /whatever-you-want-to-call-it holds as ‘right and wrong’ than to what hu’man’kind does. In other words, because the Divine Masculine has been so dysfunctionally perverted for the majority of our known (or at least, ‘talked about’) history, the ‘laws’ our civilized societies have fashioned – some even ‘in the name of God’ – haven’t exactly reflected a ‘for the sake of Love’ agenda. In truth, they’ve been fashioned for the sake of taxing our (monetary and) energetic bodies for the benefit of other energetic beings that have been taking advantage us as a species. I’d include links to information about those beings, but that might be too large a scope for this post. I will say, though, that in psychic illustrations I do for people, they sometimes show up as ‘Sharks’, I believe that’s because they (used to) think of themselves as being at the top of the energetic food chain.

That said, their influence has made it much harder to get to our own individual, soul-level Truths. After all, we’re a species geared for acceptance and approval, and how do you gain that approval if you’re not involved in playing the same game the rest of society has been unconsciously coerced into playing?

For the fact that this was a ‘dropped’ flight feather, it’s a sign that the reign of these other energetic beings is over, or at the very least, coming to its end. The ‘problem’ now is, though, what to do with our new feathers, this newfound freedom that we have? It’s not like we’re exactly ‘used’ to it, after all. Part of what’s been happening as these beings are leaving is the collapse of our financial systems. For the fact that we’ve based our ways of living (and gaining approval, among other things) on that, how to come to terms with that, and what potentials are available to us /you now?

The second sign that presented was stuck upright in the gravel road I was walking on. Firstly, features of the road itself are significant. From a *dream dictionary I sometimes reference, gravel is “…a sign to walk cautiously and take each step mindfully. You may be feeling as if you are on unsteady ground”. On a more positive note, though, gravel is also road-building material. To all intents and purposes, that’s what’s happening here – while it might appear there’s destruction taking place in your life, consider that a new path is here being ‘made’ for you. A lot could still be said about the fact that this was an old road that’d once been used to extract forest resources, but hey, I’d be here all day if I got started on that as well!

But I haven’t quite gotten to that second sign I mentioned yet, have I? I noticed a little, very black shape sticking up on its end out of the road just ahead of us. Before I got up to it, I’d thought it was a piece of flint. Actually, the word ‘schist’ came readily to mind. Unfortunately, I don’t remember my way-back-when college geology course well enough to consider the symbolism! Ha! I do know that it’s a metamorphic rock, though, which would indicate something formed under a lot of pressure. Thinking about it as flint though (which as I said it wasn’t, but I’ll get to that), would make it a ‘point of ignition’, so to speak (~ a description of what’s happening in our lives at the present time). What it actually was was a piece of rubber, symbolizing “…[your willingness to] allow emotional upsets to bounce right off you. Perhaps this dream is showing you that you will bounce back quickly from an upset and become your buoyant and flexible [self?, or ‘new’ self]”. Don’t worry, as I say, it was not a metamorphic rock, meaning that while it can sometimes feel as though we’re stuck in a certain spot or a moment in time forever, the prophecy here is: your situation won’t take ‘geological’ time to change!

I tried consulting my  guidance to further clarify what this second sign of the piece of rubber ‘means’, and was presented with a message to convey about the importance of NOT compromising yourself, regardless of how confusing things might appear in your lifedream at the moment. As when you set out on a journey from any new crossroads, there’s bound to be a moment of confusion. Do you go back the way you came, because that’s a way you ‘know’? Standing where you are now, the first next best thing to do is to plainly acknowledge that you’re confused, and ask yourself a couple of questions. Try this one on, for example: “What is it you’d be trying to gain by ignoring your own personal truth?” Or put another way, “What would you choose as your own path, were you not worried about anyone else’s approval or ‘influence’?” Once you’ve got that sussed, take a step forward.

The third sign was just a very short distance down the road from there (which can be read as: a very short distance down the road from ‘here’). There was a little, tattered piece of blue nylon ‘netting’ protruding out of the road.

So, what the heck does that mean? Blue signs often appear on shamanic earthwalks that I undertake. I can be in the middle of some no-man’s land, and still be pretty much guaranteed to happen across a piece of azure or cobalt or aquamarine something. It’s incredibly fitting, in the fact that while the signs that present can seem incredibly obscure from the outset, they provide – as the colour symbolizes – “…clarity, peacefulness and truth” (…and I’ll remind you that I said it’s just ‘a short ways down the road’, another confirmation of change coming quickly).

The fact that the object was a net references the energetic net that’s been cast over us for so long by this alien influence (yes, I did say ‘alien’ influence). For the fact that this net is indeed in ‘tatters’, though, we’re coming to realise that we can be in more conscious control of our own energetic capabilities. That’s not to say that we fully know it or what to do with them, having gotten used to being ‘flightless’ for as long as we have been. Rather than being competitive or individualistic now, we /you have an opportunity and the freedom to be ‘participatory’ instead, to participate in your own life, to participate in a Universe which you could not even imagine being better.

Earlier in the walk, I’d pulled on the second sign – the piece of rubber that I’d thought was rock – and it hadn’t come out of the ground. For the fact that 99% of the little square was sticking out of the road, it didn’t seem to make any sense at all that I was unable to dislodge it. On the return trip, though, I’d tried it again and it just came right out! Is it any surprise that the sword ‘Excalibur’ comes to mind?

So, what’s the ‘opportunity’ for you now? It’s to live without reacting to your life in an ‘established’ way, to engage with the character that is You underneath that and act spontaneously. Open your Heart to your questions, and respond from it as well. Live your life as a mystery to be lived; not as a business to be managed.

Be gentle with yourself, and recognize your own authenticity. I can wholeheartedly say (from the benefit of personal experience), there’s no better choice of direction to take than the one that’s essential-ly yours!

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

(*Quotations in italics were taken from “I Had The Strangest Dream: the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century” by Kelly Sullivan-Walden.)

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