Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's Going to Happen...

The journey you’re experiencing now, as you’re experiencing it, is the only one that matters. It offers the only wisdom that matters: Yours.

Consider some of the predictions that individuals who’d posited themselves as ‘experts’ had espoused about what might happen at the end of the Mayan calendar. I’m not saying that a Shift didn’t or isn’t occurring, but I’m glad I wasn’t one of the people motivated to queue up for some profiteer to benefit from their investing in an apocalypse shelter. I’ll admit that I was kind of thrilled at the thought of three days of darkness where our physical senses wouldn’t function normally, but for the fact that that didn’t come to pass, I can console myself with the thought that billions of people didn’t have to experience what might have been their worst nightmare, either.

No one else has experienced your life before, and for that reason, no one else can extrapolate on how you choose to experience what is your own personal reality. Neither has anyone else lived the lives you’ve lived previously. No one in existence has accrued the karma that you have (good and/or bad). In the interest of clearing it, no one else has needed to manifest the life you have – as you need yours to be – now.

No one else can tell you, for instance, how your intuitive abilities might manifest; how or what you’ll hear, what you’ll see or feel, what or whom you’ll connect with, or what form that will take.

This is undoubtedly a time of revelation and transformation for you/us, a time of movement from one way of being to another. In whatever way your reality presents for you, I’ll proffer that there will be adventure, and there will definitely be growth.

It’s a time in which we’re (rapidly) fulfilling soul agreements. While we might not feel that we’re being provided with all we ‘want’ in life, we are living the experience that best fosters our soul’s growth. As an example, I asked for guidance as to why I’d been having issues with my vision lately, and a past life was brought to my awareness in which I’d been partly responsible for someone being blinded. As frustrating as the obscuration of my vision has been, I can accept it as something necessary for my soul’s growth at this time, as a gift, even.

While I won’t assume to tell you how your unique journey will manifest, it’s likely that you are or will become aware of things while in a conscious state that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. Other beings may start appearing to you through the Veil. Now that I’ve mentioned it, though, ‘the Veil’ is perhaps not the best term to use. More than not, it implies something visual, whereas awareness of other realities, people, beings and dimensions may manifest for you as more ‘sensual’ experiences. You might be inclined to describe them as tantric, even, in the sense that it’s an extrasensory meeting of souls and hearts.

For the fact that we’re built to be wary of novelty, I will offer some advice (and the offer of personalised help, if you need it)…

Drop what you think you know about yourself or what’s possible, all that which has been imposed on you from others’ opinions of whom and what you are and what reality is ‘supposed’ to be like.

Expect, accept, be open to and embrace the new. ‘Magic’ may be the only way to describe some of the things that happen.

Ask (and then trust) your guides to allow into your field only entities/energies that are operating from a loving intention.

BE from a state of loving innocence, childlike, but not childish. Allow yourself a child’s wonder and playfulness, but with awareness of the responsibility you carry as an incredibly powerful energetic being.

Own what you experience. What’s ‘right and wrong’ may get a little confusing, but as a guideline, (please) try to be mindful about what karma you might accrue. What you choose to experience non-physically has repercussions – be that directly, or indirectly – in the physical realms, to physical beings (yourself included!).

(Angelic beings are watching you, assisting you with guidance, but not making choices or living your experience for you.)

Sometimes you’ll choose what you’ll allow or manifest. At other times, you’ll allow yourself to be surprised on every level. You’re creating, your self, your experience, your world.

It’s a playground, and it’s much, much Bigger than it looks. You are much Bigger than you perceive yourself to be. Allow yourself to know it, in whatever way that happens.

Big Medicine Love to You
~ Black Feather

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