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…are a catalyst. You energetically create them, as a way of igniting/initiating/evoking your power. They emanate from your source as a way of deliberately activating and accelerating your spirit energy.

Through ceremony or ritual, they serve to heat up your intention. They add fire energy to your desire by creating passion, instilling enthusiasm, and fostering commitment.

All the while, you’re provided with divine security and protection through your transformation.

They offer you a view into your relationship with your own spirituality, religious attitudes and beliefs, provide you the opportunity to gain a broader perspective, and allow for a psychic view into the truth of what is really going on in your life. They present the opportunity to realize the deeper emotions of your soul, call you to the secretive, seductive, otherwise unknowable shadow aspects of your own, personal power that you’ve not yet realized.

They guide you to your own innate ability to *reincorporate parts of your self, to realize your multi-faceted nature, to your capacity for expanding in multiple directions. They are divine direction from your higher self. Although it might not appear that way, they are always ‘on track with your life’, in the way that they lead you towards your innermost self, towards your brilliantly intuitive soul. Allow them to guide you towards True success, power, and influence.

When you’re feeling low on energy, especially, your source is transmitting the message to surrender your attachments, as a means of gaining clarity. Allow for the rise of the instinctive, primitive feelings that they prompt. Make an ally of your resistance, to bring out your untamed animal power, your connection to your wild side… sexy, tough, strong. You’ll find strength, groundedness, and stability through this ancient wisdom. With its rise comes an ability to get a handle on life, to take control. Your innermost being is providing you capable, knowledgeable, and useful assistance. Your power is intimately connected to the right hand of God, the macrocosm within the microcosm. Reap the abundant harvest that the rise of this in your personal power provides; allow your visions to come to fruition.

Get a handle on what’s beneath the surface, the loyalties you cling to that keep you from realizing your mysterious depths. Emotional issues and unconscious desires may seem a strange and foreign area of life, but they’ll give you access to the vastness that is your passion and spirituality.

You are naturally suited to this (element). It is you. You will not leave yourself behind. You will not leave yourself without support. You will not leave yourself without a way of communicating your needs to others. Through journeying with your emotions, you will see clearly!

Enter the space of feminine creation. On the other side is freedom, unity, a whole new beginning and dimension of your being. Your inner children provide innocence, surrender, peace, and protection. They allow for the natural expression of femininity, vulnerability, softness, sensuality. They are the seat of your power. Through the perspective that you gain by re-incorporating them, you are able to own your energy and influence.

*Each healing that I’m blessed to participate in manifests differently depending on how I‘m intuitively guided. That said, much of what transpires can be described as ‘soul retrieval‘. Here’s a very basic definition… When you undergo something traumatic enough in your life (either physically or emotionally) such that your soul feels as though it might not be safe to remain in your body, it'll send off parts of itself for safe-keeping. If you're in a serious car accident, for example, and it appears that you might not survive, off a piece goes, for the sake of ‘safe-keeping’. Soul retrieval is the process you go through to get those pieces/fragments back so that you can be whole again. It can involve the discovery of identities whom you were in past lives and helping them ascend so they can rejoin their soul-group (in effect, connecting to you), or finding parts of you that became disconnected earlier in this life, as in the case of challenges experienced during childhood. While what you imagine the process to be like may leave you feeling a little unsettled - even apprehensive - at first, once you realize the gifts/benefits you gain from reincorporating one soul fragment, you’ll find yourself surprisingly, pleasantly excited to retrieve others!

If what’s presented in the article above appeals to you, contact me for a Free consultation, and I’ll do my best to advise you in what my guidance suggests would be most helpful to you on your healing journey.

Big Medicine Love to You!

~ Black Feather

(For those of you who follow my writings out of an interest in channeling and symbolism, what follows is - as ’functional’ as I can offer - a literal description of the visual messages I transcribed to arrive at the article (in italics) above:)

a chrome lighter with the lid open

(with a flame in the centre)

looking through (the flame),
at the black (spaces) in between church windows

starfish hairband/antenna/
candle, unlit
wraps of leather around (her) black hair
a (rock) hand holding sheaf (sp?) of grain

hand like a sea (‘clinger’/) dog

goose, merganser

the void under a white dress - seated

(thanks to the work of Kelly Sullivan-Walden for contributing to this translation)

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