Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREE Psychic Drawing Presentation

(feel free to save, print, and post this image)
I'll be giving a FREE introductory presentation about my experiences with psychic illustration at Blue Sky Community Healing Centre (in Thunder Bay, Ontario) on Saturday, April 19th @ 1pm. Time to reveal your gifts to the world? You were born to illuminate!

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  1. What an amazing idea and event...we need more of this sort of stuff locally (South Africa). This is the first time I've heard of psychic drawing, is it similar to psychic writing? I assume it's an intuitive process and is guided entirely by the intuition or do you work with guides as well?

    1. I'd say that it's only similar to psychic writing inasmuch as it's a method of accessing information our conscious minds don't normally have access to. With the method that I teach, though, the information is provided For you, rather than Through you – you could say that, in a way, the physicality of your lifedream presents you with what needs to be communicated.

      There are mediums who receive channelled images in their mind's-eye and transpose those onto the surface they're working on, but with how I get students to prepare, the information appears in front of them. From there, it's a process of interpreting the imagery, in much the same way as you would dream symbolism. I provide help on how to effectively do that.

      Even if at first they don't feel as though they have a connection to their guides and psychic insights, as a result of doing this process, students inevitably get more consciously in touch with their natural abilities. It can take them in a whole new direction, help them to realize the value of what they have to offer, and that the service they can provide is so very needed.

      And I agree, you Do need more of this sort of stuff where you are ;) I'd be More than delighted to visit South Africa to teach, but short of that, the internet makes it possible that I can teach from a distance Get a group of other interested persons together, we'll discuss /arrange an exchange /sharing, and then I'll host a workshop for you over Skype. What say you?

      Love, Light, Lucidity and Laughter

  2. Thank you so much for your response David, a Skype workshop sounds amazing. I'll speak to a few of my connections and see if I can drum up some interest. This is something I've been interested in for a very long time, as I can 'see' psychically but have never tried incorporating it with actual drawing. Love and Light, Atell

  3. If you're really interested, Atell, I haven't advertised it as a formal class, but I'm offering a teaching this coming Saturday (20th November). Contact me by email at blackfeathermedicine(at) and I'll get you set up. I have no doubt you'd benefit greatly from it.