Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where's my Love-life?

Of all the things I thought I wanted in a relationship, what I was actually looking for and attracting to myself were romantic interests who stoked my ego. I’d be swimming in caked-on self-worth for a while, but inevitably, I’d at some point start to wonder why things weren’t quite working out. Inevitably, I’d find myself back in the love-quest cycle, looking for that dream something/someone else that I imagined must be out there in terms of the perfect relationship (and getting more and more jaded in the process).

Part of the problem - especially after piling up what I saw as successive ‘failures’ - was that I felt so worried about being myself. Not having really known myself didn’t exactly help anything. In trying to project an image of who I thought people would have wanted to see, I was actually blocking myself from receiving what I actually needed (and Deserved).

As much as we all have what we need at every given moment in every given relationship (but that‘s a whole other story), our couplings so often fall short of what we’ve been led to believe exists ‘somewhere out there’ for us; and it does exist, I can assure you. Wouldn’t you like to cut through the loop? Wouldn’t you like to go into a relationship trusting not only that you’ll find/get what you need, but that you’ll be appreciated for being yourself, naturally?

Our angels and guides know us better than we know ourselves. It helped me immensely to ask for Guidance on a few probing questions, and now my twin-flame and I would like to pass on the blessings of the medicines that were revealed to us. Whether you’re questioning your romantic relationships or friendships, let us help you transform your ‘search’ into ‘flow’, and then get ready to Receive…

“Looking for Love (in all the wrong places)?”

Beginning with insights into what you need and dont need in a partner, followed by delving into your strengths and challenges, this intuitive reading with Jenny and Black Feather will give you a start on moving into a deeper understanding of yourself as an engaged participant in a fulfilling relationship.

Think of this as a kind of situational analysis of your love life. The goal of this introductory session is to focus in on the gifts you bring to a love relationship, oversights you may have made in the past, and recurring patterns that can be adjusted. The purpose is to provide you with clarity and a fresh perspective that will allow you to approach relationships with renewed enthusiasm.

Our desire is for you to attain your most soul-felt longings and to leave behind everything that no longer serves you. Let us help you take a step on that path.

$177 per person. Includes a situational analysis and write-up by Jenny and Black Feather.

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